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yo, adrian

My buddy Mark arrived in L.A. just over a year ago. Met him when he got a job at Rocket. Remember this pic? Fondly, I’m sure. At last, after countless auditions and many moments of serious doubt, he’s landed a role in the CBS series, Cold Case. It’s a good role. He’s got the lead, playing a young boxer who dies after… Well hell, just read the summary:

The deathbed confession of a boxing referee leads Rush and the team to reopen a case involving an over-matched fighter who died moments after a terrible beating in a 1976 bout, which clearly should have been stopped. As the detectives look into why the underdog boxer was essentially allowed to die in the ring, they discover several people with solid motives.

Tune in on Sunday, willya? As soon as I find some publicity pics of Mark, I’ll post ’em.

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  1. […] was working out at the gym on my lunch hour when I happened to look up and saw that my buddy, Mark Lawson was on the television screen. He had no shirt on. He was giving some sort of pep talk to some kid. […]

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