Without A Parachute

    Deadly fall?

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    Okay, now if you’re ever swept out of an explosively decompressing airliner at 35,000 feet, you’ll have plenty of time to research how to survive the fall.

    You know it occurs to me now that we’re always talking about “surviving the fall” when we talk about those times when there’s not enough material between our feet and the ground, but I think we shouldn’t worry so much about surviving the fall. What should concern us is surviving the impact.

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    1. wendy
      Posted October 7, 2006 at 5:04 pm | [link]

      DIdya know the guy I am dating fell off a cliff when he was hiking as a kid? The don’t know how far he fell before he rolled but they pulled him up from 120 feet below the path. He had pretty much broken the left side of his body and had a severe head injury. He still has some paralysis of his right side. He doesn’t remember a thing from the accident. This was twelve years ago before cell phones so it took them quite a while to get help and then get people down to rescue him.

      Between what happened to Nate and reading that article… I now have a new phobia. THANKS! :)

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