What’s Next?


    Well, I tried.

    I wanted to see if I could get back into blogging here, but my attention is focused completely somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong. I do want to blog, and I do have stuff to say. But this blog was a product of a Hollywood life; the posts were culled from a world of which I was very much a part, even when I spent some time away. It was all about the Los Angeles experience. The blog was built for quick, wry observations on the absurdity of a life lived between Sunset and Fountain Avenues, the hours worked at Amoeba Music, that mecca for the dedicated, the weird and the just plain insane, and the struggles of an aspiring screenwriter living in the thick of it.

    It’s not that I’ve changed, really. It’s that I’m just not living in the thick of it anymore. I’m still a writer. I still love music. And I still love sharing goofy shit. I just want to do it in a new forum. On a new blog, better suited to my sensibilities.

    To that end, I’m trying to wrap up the few straggling web design projects I’ve saddled myself with and spend some coding time on myself for once. And I’m writing. And I’m living. And I’m taking notes.

    I’ll share them soon.

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      thanks for sharing. thats a great post.

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