The Return of Le Chic?


    There are blogs, and rumors of blogs. Stirrings in the wind. The scent of perfume. Could it be? Is Le Chic Chick really back? God, let’s hope so.


    1. Posted September 23, 2006 at 2:10 pm | [link]

      Will- you are the cutest writer on the face of the planet- but let me clarify. MY blog is the Funkyjenn Gazette ( capitalizing on all things fabulous, over-the-top, and ridiculously hot here in the city of LA.

      Le Chic Chick is another website ( run by my gorgeous gal pal Racheal Goddard about well, all things fabulous, over-the-top and ridiculously hot here in LA. Racheal will occasionally send you email if you subscribe (a la Daily Candy) about some remarkable finds or fascinating tidbits.

      Just like an old Southern belle playing hard to get- I don’t have that much energy- you have to come see ME! xoxo

    2. Posted September 23, 2006 at 3:59 pm | [link]

      Actually, I had no idea that there was a website called Le Chic Chick. I just made that up to describe you. Good to know, however. I hope everyone’s paying attention.

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