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the purge

I’ve been looking at my cd collection lately. There was a time when I could absorb it all, use it all, peruse it and draw from it. But now I’m beginning to realize that I have too damned many of them.

I’m not saying I have too much music. I don’t think anyone can have too much music. In fact, when I’m asked to DJ a party or a wedding or a funeral I often think the opposite. I don’t have near enough. But I’m now beginning to understand, especially in this age of the mp3, that I just have too damned many CDs.

So I’m going to begin a purge. It’ll take a while, and of course I’ll share the process with you all as it unfolds, but I suspect it’ll be interesting. Especially for me, since I’m the one who’ll be taking that trip down Memory Avenue.

Stay tuned.

Oh, and click here if you want to see a photo of the whole collection.

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