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More Scarce Newman Tracks

Thomas Newman

Sia Furler and Bionic Woman

I got two hours of sleep last night. Insomnia visited my room like a big ol’ buzzard and pecked at me from the headboard. So today’s post is not only late, it’s bound to be a bit cantankerous. But it might have been anyway, really. I caught the pilot of Bionic Woman the other night […]

Farval Falkenberg Trailer

Just a quick post today. I scraped myself out of a dream this morning at 6:30, lurched like Igor into the kitchen and made coffee and have set about tackling my daily 1500 words so I can head down to Albuquerque. I discovered a local knot of WGA-ers and they’re actually going to picket a […]

Erik Enocksson – Farval Falkenberg

Erik Enoksson - Farval Falkenberg

Thomas Newman: Men Don’t Leave

Back in October I waxed rhapsodic about film composer Thomas Newman. Last week I finally manage to track down a high-quality boot of his score for the Paul Brickman film, Men Don’t Leave (Brickman, you might remember, had the musical wherewithall to use Tangerine Dream for his earlier film, Risky Business.) This score even contains […]