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Lemme ‘Splain.

Got this email from Dolly as I was working on the new “I’m outta here” splash page: love your site – just happened upon it randomly this morning thanks for posting music… Simple. Nice. Complimentary. Strangely, it’s the first time I’ve received an email like that. And it came at the most perfectest time. Just […]

It’s Quittin’ Time

Big ol’ Sixsquare announcement coming soon. Soon’s I get it all organized and pretty.

Coolest WordPress Plugin Ever

Hey, this is off-topic, I suppose, but I swapped out the static, boring, life-throttling category list in the footer of this blog with a Flash-based revolving Tag Cloud. Scroll down and check it out. It rotates. It swirls. It moves. It’s so shiny. And it underscores the sad fact that I don’t have near enough […]

Sixsquare Version 3.0 At Last

Over a year ago I wrote this: Did you notice? I haven’t posted anything in a couple weeks. That’s because this blog is going on a temporary hiatus. Very temporary. I’ll certainly be back. And when I return, I’ll be blogging with more focus. As much as I enjoy blogging about whatever strikes my fancy, […]