Rocket Report: The Prince of Makeup

    Camden Toy came in to Rocket on Sunday evening. I had already known him as a customer (he’s got kind of a memorable name) but it wasn’t until showing Mark the episode “Hush” from Season Four of Buffy that I spotted his name in the credits. He played one of the “Gentleman” in that famously cool episode. Ryan and I called him on it the next time we saw him. Graciously, he gave us a few photos. turns out he’s been a reglar in the Buffyverse for a while, most recently in the WWII episode of Angel as the very Max-Shreck-like “Prince of Lies.” Check out the amazing makeup:

    as a Gentleman (BUFFY)

    as Gnarl (BUFFY)

    as an Uber-Vamp (BUFFY)

    as The Prince of Lies (ANGEL)

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