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Pretty Thing #2

You ever fling a compact disc into the void and then have it circle back like a boomerang and smack you upside the skull? I get a lot of music suggestions during the course of the week. Dropping a disc into the player and giving it a listen is a lot like hurling it out into the void. Often they spin out over the abyss in a pleasant glittery fashion. Nice sound, nice little “moment” but something eventually to be forgotten. Sometimes, however, they come back. Recent examples include both Maria Taylor and Devin Davis (who’s still in the top 5 for 2005.) this time, it’s the Shout Out Louds.

These cats are from Sweden (which seems to be the new Austin or Seattle or what-geographical-have-you in terms of output of musical hipness these days.) This is one of those albums that stays with me, settles down on the couch and just plain refuses to leave. Their new album just came out in the States. It’s called “Howl Howl Gaff Gaff” and it’s infectious pop at its most frenetic and uplifting. If you’ve got a broadband connection, check out the site, and be sure to check out the video for Please Please Please, which happens to be the perfect entry into the album.

Though for some reason, I’m not providing you with that song here. Instead, check out “Shut Your Eyes” a nice little pop truffle that’s guaranteed to get the feet moving:

Shout Out Louds: Shut Your Eyes (mp3)

Incidentally, if you’re not Lauren, you may not get the title of this post.

That’s probably for the best.

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