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    I’m ludicrously busy this week. Thanks to vacationing coworkers, today is the fifth Ameoba day in a row. I’m exhausted. I mean, seriously. Who works five days in a row? That’s just stupid.

    Yeah, except I’m doing a bunch of stuff for Boss regarding this Herbalife website he wants to put together, which is funny because just last week he wants full court press on richfromhome.com (if that doesn’t sound like an herbalife-ready domain, I don’t know what does.) Boss’s whims are nothing if not mercurial.

    Other bits before I head off to work:

    This past Tuesday Amoeba plays host to its biggest in-store performance ever. The culprits responsible? These four unassuming cats:

    Rilo Kiley takes the stage at seven and plays through about eight tracks off their current album. They’re new eneough that most people out of music circles haven’t heard of them. But they’ve been around long enough to have amassed a dedicated following. I think every one of their fans shows up that day, crowding the aisles and hanging on to Jenny Lewis’s every word. I just wish I’d taken a picture.

    I haven’t had a moment to work on Blood & Mist in four days and it’s driving me crazy. I’m so close to finishing it, but what it needs is a few hours of undivided attention. Where am I gonna find those hours? I have tomorrow off. When I’m done running around for Boss, I’ll have to clear a wide swath of time and get the thing done. This forced abstinence is making me cranky.

    Quick news bites:

    MARK has hit upon the idea to be a personal trainer. He’s hit the books full-time in order to beef up his brain in time for the November exam. I think it’s a remarkably good idea. He’s make a good trainer.

    RYAN is grinding through a temp job at a talent agency in Santa Monica. They have a job opening. He interviewed for it, but because it’s rife with pettiness and inanity, he’s now convinced he wants nothing to do with the place.

    SARA had to wake up at five this morning to shoot a commercial for SBC with director Tony Kaye. She griped at me last night that they were going to make her (gasp!) wear a dress.

    KEIR is working his penultimate day at Firestone Vineyards. Congrats on the three year run! (So much for that wine connection.)

    Gotta go.

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