Nuevo Mexico

    Arizona from the sky

    In need of a break, I’ve taken a week off work and hopped on a plane to New Mexico. I grew up here, so it’s sort of a homecoming for me. At the same time, my parents have sold their San Luis Obispo house and are exactly in the middle of a move back. My brother and his wife are arriving today, as well as a family friend. The main task at hand is to build a new floor in the living room of the new house. My brother,my dad and the friend will be doing the building. I’ll be providing comic relief.

    The beautiful bridges of New Mexico

    That all comes later. I rent a car today. It was supposed to be an economy Yugo or something like that. I guess they’re out of Yugos so they upgraded me to a Jeep monster with, like, 80 miles on the odomoeter. It came straight from the dealership to me. It even has a cd player, which is an enormous frustration for someone like me, who has thousands of albums but no actual discs. After I finish posting this I’m gonna hop in the Jeep and drive to Denver.

    The New Mexico Sky

    It’s a six hour drive, so I’ll have plenty of time to fret about how poorly written this post is…

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