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Haven’t been posting as often lately. People are tired of seeing the same post for three and four day stretches. There’s a reason for that. Three reasons, actually. The first has to do with that flowchart of the previous post. I’m racing at light speed through the new script. I’ll be wrapping it up this week and then embarking on the next one. My big Six in 2006 plan is a little behind. In fact, I’m a whole script down from my goal of completing six screenplays this year. It’s shaping up to be Five in 2006. Yeah, yeah, I know. Not bad, but it makes me wish I’d done this last year. And this is only gonna get harder as the century progresses.

The second reason is that I’m considering a bit of a blog redesign. I’m tired of Courier. I use it too much in my daily life. I’d like my blog to be Courier-free. And I’ve got hidden blogrolls I haven’t given justice to and…well, I just want a change.

Finally, I AM blogging, just not in a way you can tell. Yet. Later this month I’ll unveil a cool series of posts leading in to Halloween as I visit one of my favorite film series (see above) and geek out a little in a pseudo live-blogging fashion. I just want to get the posts all written out beforehand so I can set them to publish and go take a nap.

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