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Moz Auction

Today is the inagural Katrina Benefit Auction at Amoeba, which is where we pull some odd but cool music memorabilia from the sepentine depths of the warehouse and…well, auction them off. The plan is to do this every Saturday until New Orleans looks exactly the way it did before last weekend. And Amoeba’s matching dollar for dollar every penny raised in the auction. Kinda cool, no?

Well, yeah. Today, one of the items up for auction is a Morrissey flag. It turns out to be a hotly contested item. A bidding war erupts between two of Amoeba’s own, Job and Szabo duke it out, upping each other pretty quickly. And then a small blonde woman jumps into the fray and the before anyone knows what’s happening, she’s won it for a nice $300.

Later we learn that the small blonde woman is Kelly Clarkson, who is, of course, the winner of the inaugural season of American Idol. This surprises me. Who knew that the ingenue star of From Justin To Kelly is a Moz fan? Somewhere in me a little spark of respect kicks up. Wow, does she consider him an influence? Does she listen to the Smiths? Which Morrissey song does she like better, “Every Day Is Like Sunday” or “November Spawned A Monster?” Hey, cool. Kelley Clarkson splashes out $300 for a Morrissey flag. I don’t even know what a Morrissey flag is.

Then it turns out that she isn’t a Morrissey fan at all. She doesn’t even know who Morrissey is. She just wants to donate some money to the cause. Happily for Job and Szabo, she doesn’t take the flag. She gives it back.

And I put the copy of Breakaway I’ve got in my hands back into the bin and slink ustairs.

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