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Missing Persons, Duran Duran…

It seems to me that all of the recent puritanism over the media and family values is destined for failure. The wardrobe malfunction, the recent web-censorship decrees, the complaints about violence in video games–they remind me of the days of the PMRC and its stance against the overt sexuality of “modern music” back in the Eighties.

Working at Argentum this morning, clutching a coffee (and I don’t even drink coffee anymore; that’s how tired I am,) tapping out code on a recalcitrant Mac, listening to music on the ear buds, I stumble across a track by Mylo that brings it all back to me. The title track from the new Mylo disc is called “Destroy Rock & Roll.” Check it out to see what I mean.

Mylo – Destroy Rock & Roll (Radio Edit): mp3 | RealAudio Stream

Could the PMRC have imagined that in just a decade or so they might have to contend with music a little more intense than Stevie Nicks? Seems silly in retrospect.

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