gloom and doom

    I get back from SLO last night at eleven. Martel is completely full. Nowhere to park. Nowhere, that is, aside from the single space way the hell up near Sunset. I’m driving Ryan’s car, which he let me borrow for the drive north while he’s away in Texas. The next morning I go to retrieve the car. There’s a ticket on the windshield. I’d forgotten that Saturday all the meters are on. Revenue stream for the city.

    This, in addition to the increasingly gloomy weather and then my discovering that the new Glacier water dispenser they’ve installed at Trader Joe’s is “out of water” sends me into a crappy mood. The last thing I want to do is write a letter to Boss about his neglect, but I do so anyway. Here’s an excerpt–the part where I pretty much sum things up for him:

    So here’s what we’ll do: Since the termination of any job requires some sort of notice coming from either employer or employee, here’s mine. I’ll remain working for you until February 16th. In that time, I’ll make sure all sites are running smoothly, that all sites have achieved a sort of “holding pattern” and that all sites are ready for transfer to someone else’s attention. On the 16th of February (and no sooner) I’ll transfer all passwords, server names, website files and other necessary information over to you. AFTER this date, if you require any assistance or request the design or update of any website, I’d be happy to help you out on a per-job basis, payable in advance.

    In the mean time, since you are (as of this writing) eleven days late on the last check and have not returned and phone calls regarding this, I’ve had no choice but to shut down all websites I’ve been working on. This includes the following:,,, and As soon as I have the most recent check I can switch them back on.

    I haven’t sent the note yet. I want to sleep on it. I’ll probably send it Monday morning. I HAVE, however, shut down his websites. I have not, as one friend suggests, published the letter on any of the sites. That might be a little much.

    Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed, for the sake of propriety I’ve changed the actual names of his websites. If actually exists, it doesn’t belong to my boss.

    Tomorrow’s the Amoeba Holiday Party. I’ll report in on Monday.

    If I can.

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