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Seems to me that the most successful con artists would be the articulate ones. Smooth talkers get better results. As the saying goes, you attract more flies with honey. So why is so much spam so poorly written? That’s what I’m wondering when I glance at the following email:

So lovely pictures !!

God bless the guy!

Things u did is very funny.

It’s a very very special trip for the artist.

David ?? ??

— One of the Chinese

When I look more closely at the email I realize that this guy isn’t selling anything. There’s no link to any place. Nothing that promises to make me rich, or give me a college degree or send my woman into slumber with a smile on her face. And then I notice it’s addressed to my counterinvasion email address. He’s a visitor from China checking out my other website, which explores (or used to) the vanishing artwork of the French artist, Invader. And all of a sudden, what was at first an irritating bit of spam becomes an endearing note from halfway across the globe.

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