six in 2006

Final Act: Revenge

As the end of the year approaches, so does Six In 2006, my big plan to complete six screenplays in one year. Here’s a quick recap. January & February: rewrite STRANGE ANGELS. Done. Though, it needs yet another pass. Can’t quite seem to crack that one. It’s difficult and rather large in scope. March & […]


Haven’t been posting as often lately. People are tired of seeing the same post for three and four day stretches. There’s a reason for that. Three reasons, actually. The first has to do with that flowchart of the previous post. I’m racing at light speed through the new script. I’ll be wrapping it up this […]

Rejection #187

So I get a little item in the mail yesterday. It’s from the Austin Film Festival. Remember this? I sent them ELEMENT because I could really use the prize money and it’s the world’s greatest unproduced script. I won’t provide you with the entire text of the letter, just the part that counts: To summarize, […]

The Horse Latitudes

A stream-of-consciousness post about writing. This is where I go a little crazy. I’m on page 88 of the new script. if I reach page 110 by the 30th (certainly feasible) then I’ll have managed to catch up on the whole Six in 2006 scheme. That in itself is remarkable because I started this one […]

Austin Film Fest

As I mention in yesterday’s post, Script Number Two of Six in 2006 is done. I print it up on Sunday, which is a good four weeks later than I’d palnned. But sickness, New Mexico and Coachella all conspire to make me late. And Script Number Three is already twenty pages towards its eventual immortalization […]

The Air Near My Fingers

In the time I’ve been gone (almost a week now) I’ve gotten mostly better. The steamboats are gone. The noise in my head has calmed down. In the time I’ve been gone I completed the first draft of ELEMENT. That’s Number Two in the Six in 2006 plan. And I haven’t slowed yet. I just […]

Six In 2006 – Part III

It’s May. That means a lot of things to a lot of people. For my Sister-In-Law, Joy, as well as my friend, Victor, it means Happy Birthday. So happy birthday, y’all. For me, it means we’re on to part three of the increasingly famous Six In 2006. Script Number Two is supposed to be done […]

Six in 2006 Phase II

So Strange Angels is done (more or less.) It’s now the First of March. That means it’s time to move on to the next script. But this is the part where I’m paralyzed. The blank page stares, zombie-eyed, back at me. I know what I’m supposed to write. I even have it mapped out. The […]

Six in 2006

Looking over the past several posts (not counting the boring blog-related ones) the casual reader might assume that this is blog about music. It isn’t really. In fact, it isn’t really about anything. It’s just a place for me to write some stuff. ‘Cause that’s what I do. I’m in L.A. because I’m thinking about […]


I haven’t been able to post this week. Since returning from SF, it’s been all about catching-up. That, and preparation. I’m pitching my new script to Maple Shade over at the Warner lot today. Then Threshold Entertainment tomorrow. Then I’m meeting with an independent director on Saturday regarding The Last Hit. He wants to make […]