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Goldfrapp – “Happiness” Video

This video made me giggle. It’s reminiscent of Michel Gondry’s stuff, without the dazzle. And since it’s one of my favorite tunes of the year so far, it earns a post here on the ol’ blog. Goldfrapp happens to be on the mind again because I recently worked on a Grey’s Anatomy episode (“Where The […]

SAndra Collins vs. The Who

Work, work, work, drive, write, write, write, drink coffee. That’s been my schedule this week. So rather than post something insightful, which I usually do on Wednesdays, I’m going to give you a glimpse of the sleek, dirty sound that is Sandra Collins. I shot this with my camera at Coachella this year. I love […]

Ken Lee

Valentina Hasan will NOT be at Coachella this year, though if this viral video keeps spreading, she might have a shot at headlining Bonnaroo. Thanks, jozjozjoz! Follow-up by Tony Pierce at LA Times.

Video for Yo La Tengo’s “Blue Line Swinger”

A rare Saturday post. Came across this and had to pass it along. A fan made video for “Blue Line Swinger” by Yo La Tengo. Quirky as hell. Oddly beautiful.

Goldfrapp A&E Redux

Sorry for the relative lack of posts this week, folks. We really want to get this site revamped for the end of the weekend, so I’ve been under the hood with the spanner and the torque wrench. By Monday (possibly sooner!) we should be sparkly and new. In the meantime, here’s the marvelous Goldfrapp video […]

Goldfrapp: “A & E” (video)

Hot on the heels of the release of the single, comes the video for “A & E”. It’s a simple affair with the usual singing chanteuse, forest setting, and, um dancing piles of leaves. Marvelous payoff, too. And… I can’t post it here. I had an entry all typed up and coded, embedding the video, […]