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As promised on my 404 Page, I’ve restored the mp3’s to my Newman posts. I get a surprising amount of traffic from fans looking for info, including the occasional plea to re-post the tunes that I took down a year ago. Here’s the category. Just three posts. Check back later this week. I’ll post some […]


Thomas Newman: Welcome To The Suck (224kps mp3) Thomas Newman: Raining Oil Previous Newman obsessions: Angels In America Men Don’t Leave Speaking of used cd’s, I notice the Buzz section of the most current issue of Los Angeles Magazine contains a mini-grunt about the jobs in LA with the best perks Amoeba is right up […]

Thomas Newman: Men Don’t Leave

Back in October I waxed rhapsodic about film composer Thomas Newman. Last week I finally manage to track down a high-quality boot of his score for the Paul Brickman film, Men Don’t Leave (Brickman, you might remember, had the musical wherewithall to use Tangerine Dream for his earlier film, Risky Business.) This score even contains […]

Thomas Newman – Angels In America

A used copy of the score for Angels In America finally shows up at Amoeba today. That means I can borrow it. I haven’t seen the film yet, but that can wait. Newman is what matters here. Anyone who’s ever hung out with me at length has probably heard me expound upon my obsession with […]