Heil/Klimek/Tykwer and ‘Perfume’

‘Burn After Reading’ vs. Elbow

Yes, it’s quiet around here. Yes, I know it. And no, I still don’t have internet at home. AT&T have delayed my hookup because they weren’t able to process that I live at an apartment that includes “1/2” in the address. They say Monday. I’ll believe that when I see it. Since I have to […]

‘Bones’ vs. Michael Hedges (ZOMG)

More Scarce Newman Tracks

Thomas Newman

Alberto Iglesias – Todo Sobre Mi Madre

Todo Sobre Mi Madre

Rare (ish) Thomas Newman

‘The Strangers’ Meets Joanna Newsom

My Mom, a classically trained alto, isn’t certain what would scare her more: being stalked by a trio of sadistic, masked killers or having to listen to Joanna Newsom. I get that. Newsom isn’t everyone’s cup of freak folk tea. While she has her share of frothing acolytes at her heels, to some, she sends […]

Sia Furler and Bionic Woman

I got two hours of sleep last night. Insomnia visited my room like a big ol’ buzzard and pecked at me from the headboard. So today’s post is not only late, it’s bound to be a bit cantankerous. But it might have been anyway, really. I caught the pilot of Bionic Woman the other night […]

Dandy Warhols vs Veronica Mars

Yesterday I posted a little more about some of the cool stuff from 2007 that I hadn’t gotten around to talking about yet. One of those little items was actually the Dandy Warhols tune from 2003 that found its way into the opening credits sequence for Veronica Mars. I then went on to hint that […]


Excalibur - art by Bob Peake

Erik Enocksson – Farval Falkenberg

Erik Enoksson - Farval Falkenberg