Mix-Tape Madness (The Covers Project)

Thanks to Will (the other one) I got clued in to Ryan Zeinert’s mix-tape madness, so I thought I’d jump in on the action. Couple quick notes: What I created was not actually a tape. But then I don’t think anyone expected that. I’ve made more than my share of actual tapes, but I finally […]

My First Muxtape

I rather like the simplicity and elegance of Upload songs. Arrange them. Send ’em out to people. It’s not unlike making an actual mixtape, except that there are no tapes. And you can skip and jump about at will (which I try to do in public as often as possible.) I tried it out, […]

Playlist: October 2007

We’re halfway through November, but I got so interested in the idea of publishing a monthly playlist that I decided to do one immediately and slap an October label on it. So here it is, the first of a monthly series of playlists, available directly from iTunes for under nine bucks. There’s a little something […]