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Death Cab For Cutie: Narrow Stairs

Rush in L.A.

Hey, I actually did go see Rush downtown last week. I would have written about it here, but new job, a DJ gig and the nascent apartment hunt made me fall behind over at metblogs. So here’s the link. From Portishead (coachella) to Young MC (wedding) to Rush, it’s been a helluva nine days.

Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid

Sian Alice Group – 59.59


Earlimart at Echoplex

One of my fave live bands will be at the Echoplex on May 17th. Says Aaron Espinoza, “we’ll be previewing a bunch of new material from our upcoming release HYMN and HER we’re pretty damn excited!!! you know…..tryin’ some new stuff out. OH…and get yer tickets early!!!! think they’ve already sold a bunch.” For the […]

Reward: Lost Pig

According to Listening Post at Wired Media, the Coachella concert promoters want the pig back. I suspect Roger Waters doesn’t care a whit about it, but Coachella is offering a $10,000 reward for the safe return of the pig. Let the hunt begin.

Coachella Wrap

While Friday’s and Saturday’s schedules were jammed, I took it much easier on Sunday. I hung back a bit, and rather than race to the Polo Grounds I explored a nearby Nature Preserve (I know, weird, right? More on that at a later date) and sauntered in at about 4:30. I missed Stars, whom I […]

Coachella Kicks Off

The desert is cooler than last year, and the crowds thinner, which actually makes for a more relaxing festival. I’m too tired to get into detail. I just finished a post for metblogs, however, so go check that out. Link here.

Coachella Schedule

As expected, the Coachella schedule was released today. Time for us all to begin our fretting and planning. As I mentioned, it’s useless for me to actually make any plans. But it’s important to go over these and pick out the conflicts. Right off the bat, I’ve got a biggie. On Saturday. And I knew […]

Ken Lee

Valentina Hasan will NOT be at Coachella this year, though if this viral video keeps spreading, she might have a shot at headlining Bonnaroo. Thanks, jozjozjoz! Follow-up by Tony Pierce at LA Times.

Coachella Crunch: Midnight Juggernauts

So Many Bones…

I knew I’d been watching a lot lately, but this is kinda unreal. Bones sits in the number six slot of my chart this week. Also making a strong showing is Prince, but only because I’m trying digging through music for the upcoming wedding gig. Midnight Juggernauts are up there because I’m boning up […]

More Scarce Newman Tracks

Thomas Newman

Alberto Iglesias – Todo Sobre Mi Madre

Todo Sobre Mi Madre

Spinning Again

Destroy Rock & Roll