Musiquiz: Elysian Fields

Jennifer Charles is the voice. Oren Bloedow is the music. Elysian fields is the band. “Bleed Your Cedar” is the album. Allmusic sez: The band’s sophomore album Bleed Your Cedar was produced by Steve Albini, but during this time the band’s creative throws began its downward spiral. The label criticized them for sounding too dark […]

Musicquiz Vol. 3: 1996

I can’t remember how I discovered today’s Mystery Band, but when I dropped their debut cd in my player, it was like a giant overstuffed pillow had smacked me from behind. It might have been a listening station at Morninglory music in Santa Barbara, but then I might have heard it at a coffee house. […]

Musiquiz: Magnapop

Special bonus points to those who remember Magnapop. After taking almost nine years off, they’re back. Mouthfeel was their last album. It came out in early 2005. According to their website they toured, they had a good time and now they’re hard at work on a new album. Nice to have them back. Magnapop – […]

Musiquiz vol.2: 1996

Yay! It’s Musiquiz time again! Today for some reason I’m thinking about a band that’s last album was released about a year and a half ago. That’s not so interesting in itself, and it’s hardly a clue. But what’s strange is that their previous album came out in 1996, so it was their first album […]

Musiquiz: Dig

Yeah, it’s “Believe” by Dig. Remember Dig? Not many people do. It’s unfortunate. Head honchio Scott Hackwith put together a band that often struck a fine balance between hard-edged rock and lyrical beauty. They were never well-received by critics, who wrote them off as sort of Jane’s Addiction redux, perhaps aping the pioneers of grunge-art […]


I’ve got some music I want to share with you. but I want to make it kind of interesting. I’m gonna give you an mp3. You tell me who it is. If you can. name that tune At exactly 10:00 PM I’ll post the answer. And another tune. This band opened for Garbage one night […]