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By sheer chance, my arrival in LA happened to coincide with a free show at Spaceland’s April reident, former fellow Amoebite, Jim Evens and his fine outfit, Helen Stellar. Following them were Burgess Tomlinson and Rona Rapadas, also Amoebites, but better known as Healmonster & Tarsier, whose work I’ve always loved. And I love them […]

Ingrid Michaelson at El Rey

Hey, just wanted to say I’m listening to Ingrid Michaelson for the first time right now. Some of it’s very Grey’s Anatomy, and some of it’s pretty terrific. Some of it is actually both. See for yourself. She’s coming to El Rey on June 24th.

Rush in L.A.

Hey, I actually did go see Rush downtown last week. I would have written about it here, but new job, a DJ gig and the nascent apartment hunt made me fall behind over at metblogs. So here’s the link. From Portishead (coachella) to Young MC (wedding) to Rush, it’s been a helluva nine days.

Earlimart at Echoplex

One of my fave live bands will be at the Echoplex on May 17th. Says Aaron Espinoza, “we’ll be previewing a bunch of new material from our upcoming release HYMN and HER we’re pretty damn excited!!! you know…..tryin’ some new stuff out. OH…and get yer tickets early!!!! think they’ve already sold a bunch.” For the […]

Coachella Kicks Off

The desert is cooler than last year, and the crowds thinner, which actually makes for a more relaxing festival. I’m too tired to get into detail. I just finished a post for metblogs, however, so go check that out. Link here.

Coachella Wrap Up

I return from the desert very early Monday morning. The next day I work. And then the day after that, I work. At last, Wednesday, I get to crash. And crash, I do. I completely shut down for the day, dehydrated, lethargic, cranky. It’s not until today that I’m able to sort through the last […]

Coachella Day 2

The temps get higher, the music gets louder. Today there’s more for me to check out, but most of what I really want to see is in the heat of the day. So I stock up on water and just deal with it. There are some more pics on the Flickr set. And I put […]


No, I’m not blogging yet. But I guess I am, though only to show you a few of the sights and sounds of Coachella 2007. Here’s a link to the Flickr set. Here’s a link to my movie page, with some nifty little clips of Faithless, Benny Benassi and the “Do Lab.” More to come.

Carbon Tonite

Just one more plug for my DJ debut tonight at Carbon (see previous post.) In case that doesn’t inspire you to drop by, check out this spellbinding flyer:

DJ Cinema @ Carbon

Speaking of excellent DJ’s, I happen to know that there’s a cluster of good ones spinning on Wednesday, November 29th. That’s tomorrow, folks. At Carbon in Culver City. And one of those DJ’s happens to be me, finally participating in DJ Ned Learner’s What The DJ Wants night. I’ll be kicking things off at about […]

Sufjan Stevens at the Wiltern

“I’m the majesty songbird and this is the butterfly brigade,” says Sufjan Stevens as he steps onto the stage. They’re all wearing wings, gossamer, colorful and engineered (at least in Sufjan’s case) to beat slowly as he rocks back and forth on stage. The Sufjan Stevens show at the Wiltern last week (yes, I’ve been […]

What The DJ Wants

Amoeba co-worker, spinner of wax and all-around cool guy, DJ Ned Learner is throwing down the vinyl at Carbon tomorrow night. It’s not just your usual, “Are you coming to my club?” night, either. Tomorrow marks the 52nd near-consecutive week he’s DJ’d the Wednesday night gig. What The DJ Wants. That means no requests. Just […]

Coachella Stats

Time departed: Saturday 10 AM Time returned: Monday 2:30 AM Hours slept during that time: 5 No. bands seen: 11 (Lyrics Born, Common, Sigur Ros, Franz Ferdinand, Tosca, Giant Drag, Gabriel & Dresden, Phoenix, Bloc Party, Digable Planets & Massive Attack) Calories consumed: about 900 (I didn’t eat much) Calories burned: about four billion Temperature […]

Coachella Schedule

That surge in Internet use across Southern California today may have something to do with the release (finally) of the Coachella Schedule. As expected, we’re going to have to make some tough choices (Digable Planets or Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Bloc Party or Sleater Kinney or Paul Oakenfold? Kanye West or My Morning Jacket?) On an […]

Maria Taylor Returns

Ryan’s really good at recognizing faces. One night we’re working at Rocket Video when an actor who was in the “Hyena” episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer walks in. Immediately, Ryan calls him out and tells him that he’s a fan of his work. I don’t know that Ryan actually knows any of his other […]