World Cup 2006

Adieu, WC. Hello, Everything Else.

What was he thinking? What did Materazzi say to Zidane that was so nasty that could provoke a normally collected ball-player into turning and delivering a nasty head-butt? What could he have said that might elicit the attack? Well, The Independent provides a clue here, and states that Zidane will tell us all later this […]


I know, I know, second World Cup post in a row. but how could I not write something about the extraordinary game between Brazil and France? They meet in Germany today for the first time since the controversial 1998 World Cup Final. And guess what? France put on what is easily the most beautiful display […]

England Out

For the second time in two days, a World Cup game goes to Penalty Kicks. It’s an unfortunate way to decide a game, but man, is it a nail-biter. Thanks to an incredible performance by the Portuguese keeper England is denied their chance at the title. They’re going home. And Portugal is moving on. If […]

Bye-bye USA

So that’s it. USA is out of the World Cup. Can’t say I’m surprised. Ghana came out of nowhere and are pulling the same trick we did four years ago. And they’ve remembered something we’ve forgotten, namely, that the object of the game is to put that round thing into the net on the other […]

Futbol in Los Angeles

The LA Times has a couple interesting World Cup-related articles today about the ways in which the world’s largest sporting event is reflected in our little West Coast villa. There are little enclaves around town that seethe with support for every team in competition. The articles tell us how to find them and where to […]

Copa Mundial

Yes, Hell must be inches deep in powder right now. And farmers worldwide are struggling with the challenge of putting roofs on their pig pens. Trees are falling in the forest and making a hell of a racket and horses, having been led to water, are drinking till the pop. I now have cable television. […]