Eating in Los Angeles

Cat & Fiddle: We crossed two different worlds – some of the Amoeba crew and some of the Technicolor crew gathered for drinks, food and conversation in that dark and glittering courtyard just off of Sunset Boulevard. Most of us ordered food. We traded tales of thievery, insanity, artistry, drudgery and depravity for three hours. […]

Psychic Earthquake

I sleep on the couch last night. The reason? After shutting down the ol’ laptop and blearily enjoying an episode of Red Dwarf, I stumble into the bedroom to discover that all my clean laundry is on the bed. It’s easier to just crash in the living room. At 3:30 AM I wake up, heart […]


Joy and I spend a fine weekend together in Denver. You can’t tell how much fun we’re having by our expressions in the photo below, which is actually taken on Saturday’s jaunt to Boulder. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Odd thing: seconds after this photo is taken, a pigeon falls from […]

fire & bunnies

Fires sweep Los Angeles. We lose 24,000 acres of greenery. We lose one house. We lose no people. But we forget about the animals. Imagine how many of them we lost. My friend tells me a story, relayed to her by her father, who lives in Chatsworth. He’s watching the fire from his house. He […]

Licorice Pizza Redux

Just wanted to post this cool comment by Daniel Hooper, who enlightens me in a comment about the record chain, Licorice Pizza. Back in the mid-Eighties, when I was listening to KWXL Albuquerque (“KWXL Albuquerqu IS 94 Rock!”)and totally missing everything that was hip and modern about the world of Music, there was this store […]


Hmm… I’m checking my calendar. What’s today? Oh, of course. It’s Wednesday, the last day of August. What am I scheduled to blog about? I check my itinerary and…yes, of course. I want to blog about certain films by Stephen Sommers, and how, when you hear your neighbors watching them in the afternoon, it sounds […]


Last night I had a prophetic dream. In this dream I was cycling in the Tour de France. It was a hot day. And I learned that the race is not that anywhere as gruelng as the media would like us to believe. I was surprised at how easily I overtook Lance. Especially on the […]

A story not about meerkats

I’m on my dinner break from work. I drive home. I eat something. I want to lie down, but instead, I’ll tell you a slightly amusing story that in no way has anything to do with meerkats. Which is too bad, because I think meerkats are funny. Over a year ago I DJ a wedding. […]

Alexander Redux

Remember this post? Back in January a copy of the Academy promo-issue score for Alexander comes in over the Buy Counter at work. I blog about it. Defamer picks up on the post. It sells the next day. Dedicated Vangelis collector extraordinaire, “Uncle Don,” gets wind of the score and asks me to alert him […]

A thing about marbles

Taking ecstasy is like this: You swallow a small pill. After anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour you look down at the table in front of you and you think, “Wow. What are all these marbles?” They’re arranged in a neat little pile, glossy, irridescent and shot through with color. Thanks to the little […]

Social Workers

“Why would you ever want to work with old people?” says LAUREN. She’s quoting people who question her emphasis on Gerontology in pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work Welfare at Berkeley. Then she relates a story told to her by a classmate whose focus was on child welfare, about a father who got his […]

needle in panic park

The last time I went to the doctor I got a lollipop for my trouble. That’s how long it’s been. There have been some big advances in medicine since those days. Doctors don’t use leeches anymore. Plus, they keep talk of “balancing humors” to a minimum. Yeah, it’s been a while. So today, even though […]

palace of silver

On January 27, 2002 I met John Sanford. It is a cool Sunday, overcast and gloomy. I’d read his novel, The People From Heaven back when Andrew Davis was looking for something to develop by a Santa Barbara writer. The book, an experimental novel about a black woman named America coming to a hostile New […]


Have you ever had this happen? I’m walking out to my car through the courtyard of the apartment complex. I enter the narrow hall to the locked rear door. One of my neighbors, a girl I don’t know very well, approaches the same door from the other side–the side where you have to use a […]