space invaders

Space Invaders Swag

On the heels of the cutting board, comes the doormat. The invasion is still in full swing. I kinda wish I hadn’t taken down my old counterinvasion site.

Invader swag

I’m letting go of one of my prized possessions. Yes, it’s time to sell my cute little invader kit. Though I still love the work of the artist, I’m realizing that I don’t need this little bit of pop culture. In fact, I have a more interesting collection of tiles I can use should I […]

Invader Hunt: 10.2006

It’s Sara’s idea to jump. She and Maryann make several passes in front of the big mosaic. I snap away. Then a woman who works nearby observes our antics and volunteers to take a photo of all three of us. So we get in front of the artwork and, on the count of three… We’re […]

Invader on Ebay

Holy cow. I have one of these. I wonder if I should sell it?

Invader redux

This just warms the heart. Invader’s back in town. And he’s replacing some of his stolen works.

The Invasion Is Over

Seems ipowerweb loses my site for half a day yesterday. Anyone trying to access the site through normal means comes up against a brick wall. Sorry about that. My hosting company is probably melting in the heat. If you’re trying to get at, you probably ran into the same thing. But in this case […]

Just a little longer…

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. It’s not that switching to WordPress is difficult in itself. In fact, it’s quite easy. But WordPress saves post URLs differently. A simple import to WordPress would break every single permalink in the site. In other words every link I’ve made to other posts and every link made to posts […]

Christmas At The Hollywood Sign

My mission: climb to the Hollywood Sign. Objective: determine whether the Space Invader art installed by the artist Invader is still in place, or whether it’s been stolen just like all the rest of it. It’s Christmas morning. I drag myself out of bed at eight, suit up and then drive up through the morning […]

Space Invader Redux

Sara and I sit on the front stoop of Amoeba. She smokes a cigarette. I’m keeping her company. Why? I dunno, in case she needs help, I guess. I don’t smoke. To be more accurate, I don’t smoke my own cigarettes. I’m content with the second-hand stuff. Unless someone gives me one, but even then […]

con mail

Seems to me that the most successful con artists would be the articulate ones. Smooth talkers get better results. As the saying goes, you attract more flies with honey. So why is so much spam so poorly written? That’s what I’m wondering when I glance at the following email: So lovely pictures !! God bless […]

Invader Still At Large

More invaders are down. The one at Melrose and the 101 is gone. The one next to the Bouorgeois Pig is gone (another one of my favorites.) But we found a brand new one. This guy is close to home. And the best thing is it’s protected by security cameras.

More Invader Stuff

Special thanks to Caryn over at, who posted about the Invader-theft yesterday, as well as the cool cats over at (my new favorite blog) who totally “get” how depressing it is when someone rips off cool street art. posted a mini-blurb of the situation here, reacting to that Klaxon-call over at flickr. […]

Invaders Down

One of the coolest street art projects in Los Angeles is under serious attack. Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with the art of the enigmatic French artist known as Invader. More than a year ago, my friend Sara and I picked up on his work and began an obsessive hunt for as […]

Rubikcubism at sixspace

Hey. My latest post is up at Check it out.


Okay, so yeah, it’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything interesting. I’ve been preoccupied. During long stretches of inactivity on this blog you can almost always find me over at my other site, For about a year now, my friend Sara and I have been obsessed with tracking down art by the […]