Guns for Kids

I’m not sure whether I find this scary, offensive or just plain sad. In a San Luis Obispo toy store. This is just part of the collection. They’ve got handguns, too.

Bubblegum Alley

I’m spending a couple days in San Luis Obispo before returning to LA for Christmastime pandemonium at work. On a walk downtown this morning, I finally got a chance to take some pics of the wonderful walls of Bubblegum Alley. Enjoy. And for more pics (not to mention larger ones) I posted a mini-set over […]


I dig through the Internet, scour Google, comb through lists of phobias, but I can’t find anything on the fear of squirrels. But if the term hasn’t been invented, it will be soon.


Tomdog posts photos of some incredible artwork over at Buzznet. The artist is Cai Guo-Qiang. The sculptures are made of paper mache, plaster, resin, fiberglass and painted hide. And man, are they effective. More here and here.

an offer you can’t refuse

You’re sleeping soundly, confident that you’d made yourself clear to Mr. Corleone: no way that talentless crooner’s getting a recording contract. And then you wake up…

pornboy: final day

We’re into the last twenty four hours of bidding for the Pillsbury Pornboy. Not that the bidding has been out of control. In fact, it seems rather lackluster. Someone’s going to be the lucky winner, but it’s not going for the millions I had hoped it would. I suppose what he really needs is an […]

the great kat

What do you do if you’ve attended Julliard, studied the classics and driven yourself to the heights of guitar virtuosity? You become The Great Kat, of course. Her blood photos are pretty outrageous. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I got a paper cut under my fingernail.