life in hollywood

Rohypnotism (replay)

I talk to Maryann today. I haven’t seen her for a couple days. She’s been out sick, and as always, I wrestle down the urge to call her and bug her and find out what’s wrong. This time, she says, things were a little out of the ordinary. What she tells me has me staring […]

Walking Up Vine

I’m walking from Argentum to Amoeba, switching jobs mid-day (Eleanor Ave to Vine to Sunset to Ivar.) Since I’m rarely without my camera, and today is so beautiful, I decide to snap photos of whatever I deceree photo-worthy along the way. There’s a gate on the West side of the street. It’s usually closed. Today […]

Space Invader Redux

Sara and I sit on the front stoop of Amoeba. She smokes a cigarette. I’m keeping her company. Why? I dunno, in case she needs help, I guess. I don’t smoke. To be more accurate, I don’t smoke my own cigarettes. I’m content with the second-hand stuff. Unless someone gives me one, but even then […]

‘Tis The Season

Spotted on Willoughby at Orange:

Election Day

I’m running late this morning. It’s one of my long days, wherein I go in to one job at 10:00 AM and emerge from another, battered and bruised, at around 11:00 PM. So the only way I’m gonna get time to vote is this morning. But as I said, I’m running late. I think I’m […]

Night of the Dead

I survive the day today at Amoeba. Just barely. For some reason I’m gripped by a ravaging hunger and a muscle consistency like that of under-cooled Jell-o. Wait. I say that like I’ve forgotten that I awoke this morning at nine, that I went to bed just five hours before that, that somewhere between then […]

Bust Legal

The ongoing struggle of my buddy Mark continues. He finally books another role in a TV show. His last one has spun around the nation in repeats a couple times, but he is ready for something new. Boy, is he ever. And this time he’s playing a cop, something he’s always wanted to either be […]


Once again, the skies have opened up over Los Angeles. Seems to be getting an early start this year, and I was just getting into that tiny little bit of Fall. And hey, speaking of Fall, does anyone remember seeing that movie Fall, by Eric Schaeffer? I love Eric Schaeffer. And I hate him. He’s […]


I get out of work at 11:15, walk with Jackie and Maryann to the new Amoeba parking quarters on Sunset, take Jackie home and then hop on the 101. I’m headed for Carbon, where Ned Learner (co-Amoebite, Nick Pinto, really) is spinning his usual thread of Hip-Hop and scratch heavy dance vibes tonight. It’s about […]

fire & bunnies

Fires sweep Los Angeles. We lose 24,000 acres of greenery. We lose one house. We lose no people. But we forget about the animals. Imagine how many of them we lost. My friend tells me a story, relayed to her by her father, who lives in Chatsworth. He’s watching the fire from his house. He […]

Dead Can Shop

What does an internationally reknowned artist, singer and musician do the day after selling out the Hollywood Bowl? Why, shop the Amoeba Mezzanine, of course. Brendan Perry (the one in yesterday’s post who looks nothing like my friend Becca) drops by my work and spends a huge amount of time browsing the Criterion DVD section. […]

Moz Auction

Today is the inagural Katrina Benefit Auction at Amoeba, which is where we pull some odd but cool music memorabilia from the sepentine depths of the warehouse and…well, auction them off. The plan is to do this every Saturday until New Orleans looks exactly the way it did before last weekend. And Amoeba’s matching dollar […]


I sit in front of Groundwork and sip the coffee that Anya served up for me in honor of tomorrow’s birthday. I prop the camera on top of the coffee cup and snap a series of photos of the workplace. After taking two or three decent ones, a guy walks past. Sees me hit the […]

Steel Mosquitos

We are haunted by helicopters. I’m beginning to think that they inhabit my dreams. Last night I’m drifting off to sleep at 1:30 when a particularly low-flying bird swoops in to the Martel and Sunset and scrapes the earth with its searchlight. This goes on for about twenty minutes. Today, trying to get some writing […]

Amoeba Tip #64

This is something we at Amoeba never understand. And it happens all the time. This is a line of cars trying to get into the underground parking lot. That van will be sitting there, engine idling, for about fifteen to twenty minutes. One car out, one car in. That’s how it works. But just so […]