Man, what a pain. Now I know this site ain’t exactly boingboing, but I’ve got my fair share of readers. Even so, my bandwidth allotment at ipowerweb, who hosts HOLLYWOODLAND, has never set foot past the 15% mark. Imagine my surprise when I check my stats tonight to see that bandwidth has suddenly jumped to […]

Cute Overload

Oh, man. Cute overload, indeed.


I dig through the Internet, scour Google, comb through lists of phobias, but I can’t find anything on the fear of squirrels. But if the term hasn’t been invented, it will be soon.

Phishin’ Hole

Just for fun, take the Phishing Test over at MailFrontier. Phishing scams are getting pretty sophisticated and this test demonstrates just how easy it is to whittle cash from the general populace. As Lifehacker reports: According to data from e-mail security firm MailFrontier, only 4 percent of users can spot a phished e-mail 100 percent […]


Lifehacker has an amusing and helpful article about the Annual Family Computer Fixing event – that tradition wherein we go home, eat turkey, sip wine and re-combobulate the parents’ hard drive. Among the suggestions: Switch the default browser to Firefox (which I actually just talked my Mom through,) do a spyware/adware sweep, defrag the hard […]


Oh, oh, oh. Here’s a nice new distraction for me. I’m taking a brief break in my ridiculous Monday schedule to point out the cool service at It’s internet radio. It’s song advice. It’s music supervision in a nifty web app. Just type in an artist or a song that you like and it […]

Responsible SPAM

If only.


Tomdog posts photos of some incredible artwork over at Buzznet. The artist is Cai Guo-Qiang. The sculptures are made of paper mache, plaster, resin, fiberglass and painted hide. And man, are they effective. More here and here.

warning. system will shut down.

I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because the other day I download a virus and install it on my computer. The act isn’t quite as deliberate as that, but it might as well have been. It’s entirely my fault. I ignore all the safety signs, step around the blockades and head down that road […]

Licorice Pizza Redux

Just wanted to post this cool comment by Daniel Hooper, who enlightens me in a comment about the record chain, Licorice Pizza. Back in the mid-Eighties, when I was listening to KWXL Albuquerque (“KWXL Albuquerqu IS 94 Rock!”)and totally missing everything that was hip and modern about the world of Music, there was this store […]

Bee Dogs

To be fair. I post twice about cats and give dogs the shaft. So here, for your edification… Dogs Dressed As Bees.

Stuff On My Cat

Okay, now this is just getting weird. But no less funny.

Cats In Sinks

It’s about cats. In sinks. The Internet is such an odd, interesting place. Via blast radius.

I’m a known procrastinator. So when one of my web hosting companies contacts me to tell me the domain is about to expire, I figure I’ll wait until the last minute to renew. However, I don’t count on their deactivating the forwarding function before its expiration. Those of you who visit me via that […]

Shout Out Louds (again) & Cool Apparel

Two new posts today at LA-ist. I’ve been wanting to post that t-shirt thing forever, but I’ve been so busy I couldn’t get around to it. I’d told Joanna Contreras, the brain behind Red Star Ind., that I’d post about her place, but it took me so long to do so, I ended up expanded […]