‘Bones’ vs. Michael Hedges (ZOMG)

What 200 Calories Look Like

This is 200 calories? I still have a hard time visualizing it. but thanks to this handy chart, I’m better off than I used to be. Just in time for my New Year’s Resolution, too.


I’m just gonna continue my recent flow of single-thought posts. File this under, “Check It Out.” A kiwi realizes its dream of flight. Oddly touching.

Dry William

Jane Espenson reminds me in a recent post about illustrator and cartoonist Scott Bateman. he publishes these curious, oddly-captioned panels that, while peculiar, never fail to elicit a chuckle. I visit his site for the first time in a while this morning. Check it out. It’s a “Dry William,” courtesy of comedian Bobby Tisdale. Link […]

Line Rider

Taking a break from the Nightmares today. If you’re bored, check this out. I’ve been obsessed with this flash toy for more than a week now. Hours of time-wastage. A completely addicting art project that someone cooked up and posted over at Play at your own risk. Line Rider Line Rider videos at You […]

Without A Parachute

Bookmark this link on your Blackberry. Okay, now if you’re ever swept out of an explosively decompressing airliner at 35,000 feet, you’ll have plenty of time to research how to survive the fall. … You know it occurs to me now that we’re always talking about “surviving the fall” when we talk about those times […]

Fun With Ebay

Speaking of eBay, which I sorta did a couple posts ago, I’m at work on Friday, checking my email in between attempts to tweak some actor headshots for use on the Argentum website, when I get a cluster of emails. “Congratulations,” they tell me, “you have successfully listed you item for bid on eBay!” Say […]

Cobalt Kitty

A few weeks ago I wrote about finding a name for my new web design venture. Cobalt Kitty, you might remember, is the name we came up with. So I then set about looking for an image or a logo, a mascot for the site. I searched the web looking for white cats. there are […]

The Return of Le Chic?

There are blogs, and rumors of blogs. Stirrings in the wind. The scent of perfume. Could it be? Is Le Chic Chick really back? God, let’s hope so.

Bunnies, Kittens and Gristle

So I’m trying to decide on a name for a new website. This website is going to be the front door for my freelance web design projects. I want to be able to tell people to drop by this place if they’re curious to see what I’ve designed. Since I hope to be catering to […]

The Invasion Is Over

Seems ipowerweb loses my site for half a day yesterday. Anyone trying to access the site through normal means comes up against a brick wall. Sorry about that. My hosting company is probably melting in the heat. If you’re trying to get at, you probably ran into the same thing. But in this case […]

iTunes iSbogus

Interesting article over at (whose t-shirt I love and wear regularly) about iTunes and the accounting behind their “artist-friendly” business model. Before I got the Amoeba job I used to use iTunes to get some of my music. I don’t think I’d go back. DRM issues aside, my main gripe is the sound quality […]

A Series of Tubes

This has been chasing back and forth across the Internets. Alaska senator Ted Stevens is an outspoken opponent of Net neutrality, supporting a problematic idea wherein Internet pipeline providers (such as Comcast and AT&T) can charge big internet companies who use a lot of bandwidth for that privilege, a policy which makes as much sense […]

No More Buzznet

I’m through with Buzz. I joined a couple years ago, met some cool people, hung out with some of them, posted a ton of pics, had some fun. But I’m sick of the down time, I’m tired of the way my blog hangs while it searches for the Buzznet servers. I’m tired of wondering what […]

Back To Hollywoodland

So the return trip drags. Way too much time is spent waiting in terminals and on tarmacs. The Doctor Pepper beverage service on the return trip is no where near as tasty as it was on the way out. And after a week of high-altitude, clear-sky serenity it’s almost a relief to be picked up […]