For Princess Bride Fans

Give it a moment. Very nicely done.

If You Love Jesus…

This comes by way of McSweeney’s. It’s your list for the day. Things You Can Do If You Love Jesus Other Than Honk.

McSweeney’s: Jokes For Robots

This is another thing that would have made milk come out my nose had I been drinking it. McSweeney’s lists are always worth a few chuckles. This one is excellent. Jokes Made By Robots For Robots. And as long as we’re at McSweeney’s again, here are a couple more lists for your pleasure: Errors in […]

Cat and Girl

Just clicked on a random installment of the web comic Cat and Girl by Dorothy Gambrell (took me forever to find her name.) This episode made me laugh out loud. I dunno why.

The Hollywood Code

Matthew Inman over at gives voice to what lurks in every movie-goer, especially those of us with computers, as a common gripe. Why can’t Hollywood get the cinema of code right? Here’s the link. I always notice when FX designers take special liberties in designing computers in the movies. Sandra Bullock, for example, uses […]

Dry William

Jane Espenson reminds me in a recent post about illustrator and cartoonist Scott Bateman. he publishes these curious, oddly-captioned panels that, while peculiar, never fail to elicit a chuckle. I visit his site for the first time in a while this morning. Check it out. It’s a “Dry William,” courtesy of comedian Bobby Tisdale. Link […]

A Series of Tubes

This has been chasing back and forth across the Internets. Alaska senator Ted Stevens is an outspoken opponent of Net neutrality, supporting a problematic idea wherein Internet pipeline providers (such as Comcast and AT&T) can charge big internet companies who use a lot of bandwidth for that privilege, a policy which makes as much sense […]

Bee Dogs

To be fair. I post twice about cats and give dogs the shaft. So here, for your edification… Dogs Dressed As Bees.

Cats In Sinks

It’s about cats. In sinks. The Internet is such an odd, interesting place. Via blast radius.

Meow, Mr. President

Did you know that not once in the history of the United States has there been a cat for President? It’s true. I do a little prowling on the Internets to confirm this. Never one of our serving presidents has ever been a cat. Not even Warren Harding. I don’t know that it’s such a […]

Death and Distraction

I want to post on a subject that the latest issue of Utne Reader explores a bit this month, which is the question of how we, as human beings, live our lives day to day with the full realization that we will one day die. I want to write about how I’m both terrifed and […]

Formula For Blog Fame

This was written by my brother, Keir, in the comments to yesterday’s post. The gauntlet is thrown! Its now an all out competition to see who can get more written about themselves in William’s blog… hmm, there has to be a formula here… Perhaps this: Blog Exposure is a function of several variables so B(t, […]

telling porkies

This is kind of old news now, but a follow-up to that earlier post about the UC Berkeley professor who delivered the towering threat against the student who stole his laptop reveals that his threats were, in fact, hollow. Check out this story for more info. Heh-heh. “Telling porkies.” I think I like that expression.

an offer you can’t refuse

You’re sleeping soundly, confident that you’d made yourself clear to Mr. Corleone: no way that talentless crooner’s getting a recording contract. And then you wake up…


Blogging comes naturally for some. The simplicity of point, click, read, obsess appeals to more and more people every day. It’s a nifty community with endless possibilities. But have you ever tried to talk about the habit in conversation? Unless you’re with another obsessive blog-surfer there’s just no way to do it with grace and […]