George Carlin, RIP

Good gravy, I’m gonna miss this man. I have a lot more to say about him, but I haven’t the time this morning. I’ll write something decent later. In the meantime check out one of his best routines:

Gary Gygax, R.I.P.

Bill Buckley, Jr died the other day. My Dad, always a staunch Republican, took it rather hard. I only bring it up because a few days later Gary Gygax followed. He was my own, personal Bill Buckley. Always a staunch dreamer, I’m taking it rather hard. In 1979 a friend of the family dropped by […]

RIP Heath Ledger. Let’s eat.

So, Heath Ledger is dead. That just sucks. I mean I wasn’t a huge fan, or anything, but he’s a bit young. Sure it was drugs and there’s a part of me that pretty much wants to say, “Idiot,” and move on, but the drug thing can happen to anybody. It does, frequently. But I […]

2007: More of The Best

So we continue on.One by one we’ve covered my Ten (12) Favorite Tracks of the Year and we totally had fun doing it, right? Those were my very favorites. Those were the ones about which I most wanted to write. But there were others. In fact, at last count there were something like 130 songs […]

Robert Altman, R.I.P.

We’ll miss him. Though his career was studded with highs (M*A*S*H, Nashville, The Player) and lows (Pret-a-Porter, Beyond Therapy) he was a force of nature. No one had his touch for ensemble pieces. He was a classic ringmaster, peerless and dedicated to the craft.

Suicide Becomes Murder

I simply must update that story about Adrienne Shelly. Apparently, she complained to a construction noise he was making in a nearby office. He punched her. The punch killed her. He dragged her body back into her office and set her up to look like she’d committed suicide. “I was having a bad day. I […]

Adrienne Shelly, R.I.P.

In the film Trust, Maria, played by Adrienne Shelly, climbs up a low wall, stands straight and lets herself fall backwards. A surprised Martin Donovan catches her. This, she says, is a demonstration of love. Love is a combination of respect, admiration and, above all, trust. The words are Hal Hartley’s, but Shelly owns them. […]

Three More Down

We lose Don Knotts and Darren McGavin over the weekend. It’s not a surprise, really. Knotts was old when I was a kid and McGavin was older than he. I grew up on Andy Griffith and the Herbie movies. As far as I knew, Knotts was like required viewing for every kid. And I’ll always […]

There Goes Another One

Man, now Mr. Schiavelli’s gone. I loved this guy. What a cool actor. And though I’d never dined with him, I always heard he was quite the chef.

Richard Pryor R.I.P.

Man he was good. I’m going to miss him.

r.i.p. hunter

It seems Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide. That sucks.

palace of silver

On January 27, 2002 I met John Sanford. It is a cool Sunday, overcast and gloomy. I’d read his novel, The People From Heaven back when Andrew Davis was looking for something to develop by a Santa Barbara writer. The book, an experimental novel about a black woman named America coming to a hostile New […]