By sheer chance, my arrival in LA happened to coincide with a free show at Spaceland’s April reident, former fellow Amoebite, Jim Evens and his fine outfit, Helen Stellar. Following them were Burgess Tomlinson and Rona Rapadas, also Amoebites, but better known as Healmonster & Tarsier, whose work I’ve always loved. And I love them […]

‘Chicago 10’ and Activism Through Art

I generally don’t follow through on press release style emails, but I got one last night that happened to catch my eye, only because it sounds like the sort of event I’d love to attend. I can’t, because it’s happening tonight and I’m not in Los Angeles. And anyway, I’m supposed to fight a duel […]

2007: More of The Best

So we continue on.One by one we’ve covered my Ten (12) Favorite Tracks of the Year and we totally had fun doing it, right? Those were my very favorites. Those were the ones about which I most wanted to write. But there were others. In fact, at last count there were something like 130 songs […]