daily drift

Change of Plan

As usual, things don’t always turn out as you plan. I’m back from the Sierra Nevada a couple days early. The plan was to dive into the Sierra over Lamarck Col. Then head out of Darwin Canyon, up the vast granite bowl of the Evolution Basin, over Muir Pass, down LeConte Canyon, up to Dusy […]

Back Soon

I’m outta here folks. I had meant to prepare some nifty posts for while I was gone. But HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Yeah right. If you have some magic time expanding machine, I’d like to borrow it. For the next seven days I’ll be here. See you when I get back.

Bunnies, Kittens and Gristle

So I’m trying to decide on a name for a new website. This website is going to be the front door for my freelance web design projects. I want to be able to tell people to drop by this place if they’re curious to see what I’ve designed. Since I hope to be catering to […]

Countrywide Classic

So on Friday and Sunday my Mom and I catch some live tennis. Live tennis is a lot like televised tennis, but without the advertisements. That instantly makes it a thousand times better. Add to that the immediacy of a 360 degree chorus of oohs and aahs and you have a superior spectating experience. Unfortunately, […]

Scorpion For Cancer

Guelaguetza Restaurant is a great place to get Comida Oaxanena in Koreatown. Outside, on Olympic at Normandie, there are Korean signs and banks and restauants in every direction. Inside, it’s an Oaxacan paradise. I’m there to celebrate Debbie’s birthday. There are fifteen of us, including several cats from Amoeba. Remember how I said just a […]


The fast has been over for a few weeks now. But today one of its effects catches up with me. I just got this in the mail. I mean, it’s not like it just showed up. I ordered it from Cook’s Illustrated. I was terribly hungry and it seemed like such a good idea at […]

Copa Mundial

Yes, Hell must be inches deep in powder right now. And farmers worldwide are struggling with the challenge of putting roofs on their pig pens. Trees are falling in the forest and making a hell of a racket and horses, having been led to water, are drinking till the pop. I now have cable television. […]

The Air Near My Fingers

In the time I’ve been gone (almost a week now) I’ve gotten mostly better. The steamboats are gone. The noise in my head has calmed down. In the time I’ve been gone I completed the first draft of ELEMENT. That’s Number Two in the Six in 2006 plan. And I haven’t slowed yet. I just […]


I roll up in bed and lean over the side, feet on the floor. There’s a steamboat in my head. That’s right, a rattling, howling dragon of a steamboat. It’s one of those big, side-wheeled monsters that prowled the Mississippi in the 1800’s. The giant paddle-wheels churn muddy, greasy river water. The decks creak, wood […]

Work Space

Taking a brief break from work here at Argentum, I lean back in my chair and clos my eyes. When I open them again I’m struck by the amount of jumble on my typical desktop. Click the thumbnail for full-sized mayhem.

The Fast Lane

I’d been meaning to do this for about a year and a half. Today is Day Eight. Here’s a quick recap: DAY ONE I stock up on maple syrup, organic lemons and cayenne pepper. This is all I will be consuming for the next fourteen days. I’d been meaning to tackle the Master Cleanse for […]

Muppets on the Mezzanine

Yep. It’s formal Friday on the Mezz. So I break out my formal wear.


As is often the case with me, I decide it’d be nice to go on a vacation, then in order to do so, I have to work extra hours and scramble to get shifts covered and run around like a maniac to make sure everything’s tied down, finished up and otherwise handled, so when the […]

Runyon Redux

I was gonna post about my missing manager tonight. I was gonna post about the famous Footprints Proverb (one of my faves.) I was gonna post about cooking rainbow chard with garlic slivers. But instead I’m gonna watch The Dave Chappelle Show, work on the new script and deal with the soreness of the filling […]


Speaking of dating… I regret never calling back Tasha R. Why did I do that? She was smart, she was cute, she was funny. And I still have her list of book recommendations on my bulletin board (The Sun Also Rises, Orlando, Disgrace, The Bluest Eye, Kaffir Boy…) We had a fun date, even though […]