daily drift

How Do I Eat This?

Never mind. I figured it out. You eat the antlers first. Then the legs. Then the head. Save the eyeballs for the very end.

Lackadaisical Melange in SLO

I’m feeling incredibly lazy today. I was gonna write about the Santa Barbara leg of the trip, which was a whirlwind of people and adoring fans, but that will have to come later. I’m in Avila Beach now, just a stone’s throw from San Luis Obispo. I’m a bit Gumby-headed from a couple glasses of […]

Mile 867: Los Angeles

It’s been a rough winter. It’s been a rough year. Events of the past 12 months have left me adrift and isolated and struggling to find a way back to life and love and all that hooey. It hasn’t been easy. But it didn’t take me long after returning to Los Angeles to find what […]

iPod = History

I hung out at Hotel Figueroa on Monday night with some of my fellow Metro-bloggers. I was in no condition to be having any alcohol since my post-Coachella body was like one of those sponges you find abandoned in the desert. But I had some anyway, and it probably cost me my iPod. Wait, no, […]

Invader swag

I’m letting go of one of my prized possessions. Yes, it’s time to sell my cute little invader kit. Though I still love the work of the artist, I’m realizing that I don’t need this little bit of pop culture. In fact, I have a more interesting collection of tiles I can use should I […]

SFX: Electric President

Occasionally I’m scrolling through the music folder on my hard drive and I come across something that I just don’t recognize. It happens this morning as I’m loading up the ol’ Rio Carbon for the drive north to Santa Barbara. “Electric President?” WTF? Who the heck are they? I run a quick check on allmusic.com. […]

Fire on Martel

“Hey, I dont know if you like fire, but there’s a big one across the street.” My neighbor has just knocked on my door. I just got home from a long day at work. I had awakened at four AM in Mew Mexico, hopped on a plane to LAX and driven straight to Amoeba where […]

Dead Letter

I send cd’s to my friends in San Francisco sometimes. I haven’t as much lately, but occasionally a bit of music comes along that they just need to hear, or I’ll throw together one mix or another for fun and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Only once have the cd’s not made it to […]

Close Enough

After work at Amoeba on Sunday. We walk over to the lot behind Baja Fresh. Kirk is limping. His foot cramped up so badly on the way down from the mezzanine that he had to sit on the stairwell and grab his toes in agony. We reach my car… This is what I get for […]

Psychic Earthquake

I sleep on the couch last night. The reason? After shutting down the ol’ laptop and blearily enjoying an episode of Red Dwarf, I stumble into the bedroom to discover that all my clean laundry is on the bed. It’s easier to just crash in the living room. At 3:30 AM I wake up, heart […]

32 years later…

I’d like to take a few seconds out of today and send a big, fuzzy birthday wish to this girl. If you’re in Berkeley or its environs and you see her, buy her a drink. her name is Dayle. That’s right, partner to Roy Rogers, spelled with five letters. Happy Birthday!


Haven’t been posting as often lately. People are tired of seeing the same post for three and four day stretches. There’s a reason for that. Three reasons, actually. The first has to do with that flowchart of the previous post. I’m racing at light speed through the new script. I’ll be wrapping it up this […]

Cobalt Kitty

A few weeks ago I wrote about finding a name for my new web design venture. Cobalt Kitty, you might remember, is the name we came up with. So I then set about looking for an image or a logo, a mascot for the site. I searched the web looking for white cats. there are […]

Police Man

When I get in to work there’s a silver-haired guy standing in the far corner of the Mezzanine. Another guy trains a camera on him as he talks and gesticulates and looks really important. “Who’s the star?” I ask. “Some guy from The Police,” someone says. It’s Steward Copeland, I realize, and I spend the […]

Too Many Users

Nice to be back. For most of the day, the database servers at my hosting company have been slammed too much traffic. Not certain what caused it, but it wasn’t me. I swear. I’m typing this in a Vicod!n blur right now. I paid a visit to the dentist and the orthodontist on Monday. It’s […]