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‘Bones’ vs. Michael Hedges (ZOMG)

PT Gallery

This is just me, experimenting with the new Word Press gallery feature. It was a private post, so y’all didn’t have to see it, but it occurred to me that there’s just no such thing as too much PT Cruiser.

2007: More of The Best

So we continue on.One by one we’ve covered my Ten (12) Favorite Tracks of the Year and we totally had fun doing it, right? Those were my very favorites. Those were the ones about which I most wanted to write. But there were others. In fact, at last count there were something like 130 songs […]

Coachella Wrap Up

I return from the desert very early Monday morning. The next day I work. And then the day after that, I work. At last, Wednesday, I get to crash. And crash, I do. I completely shut down for the day, dehydrated, lethargic, cranky. It’s not until today that I’m able to sort through the last […]

Coachella Day 2

The temps get higher, the music gets louder. Today there’s more for me to check out, but most of what I really want to see is in the heat of the day. So I stock up on water and just deal with it. There are some more pics on the Flickr set. And I put […]


No, I’m not blogging yet. But I guess I am, though only to show you a few of the sights and sounds of Coachella 2007. Here’s a link to the Flickr set. Here’s a link to my movie page, with some nifty little clips of Faithless, Benny Benassi and the “Do Lab.” More to come.

Tattered Plastic

I swear I don’t know what my interest in this thing is. If I keep posting about it I’ll have to create a new category. Sunset. And. Vine. I see this everyday as I walk to my car. It’s like watching a flip book unfold in slow motion. The renovation of an icon. Or something. […]

Condom Torn

I get back from New Mexico on Saturday. Everyone is talking about the windy Friday. Evidence is all around; leaves in piles in the gutter, downed palm fronds everywhere…and the once proud column of white at Sunset & Vine hangs in tatters. Thank goodness the banners (kinda) survived. Again, I just have to know what […]

Amoeba in Repose

This is how Amoeba looks on December 18, 2006 at 7:50 PM. By the time you read this I’ll be in the air on my way to New Mexico for a couple days. I’ll fly back in on Saturday early, pick up my car at LAX and then drive straight here, where I’ll work what […]

Invader Hunt: 10.2006

It’s Sara’s idea to jump. She and Maryann make several passes in front of the big mosaic. I snap away. Then a woman who works nearby observes our antics and volunteers to take a photo of all three of us. So we get in front of the artwork and, on the count of three… We’re […]

Police Man

When I get in to work there’s a silver-haired guy standing in the far corner of the Mezzanine. Another guy trains a camera on him as he talks and gesticulates and looks really important. “Who’s the star?” I ask. “Some guy from The Police,” someone says. It’s Steward Copeland, I realize, and I spend the […]

Amoeba at 13,000 feet

Apparently, I can’t just leave my work at home. I have to take it with me on vacation. Amoeba representin’ at Lamarck Col in the Sierra Nevada:

Shopping Tip

While at Amoeba, try not to be too destructive while browsing. It makes things difficult for other shoppers. This is our smut section (yes, we have one of those.) We all stand around and stare for a few minutes, just to absorb the enormity of what had been done here. Luckily, Logan is able to […]

Santa Monica Heat

My Mom’s in town, so expect more photos and less verbiage. Yesterday we spend some time in the humidity and oppression of Summer ’06. First it’s a hike in Temescal Canyon. Then it’s an evening on the Santa Monica Pier where I’m working the Amoeba booth for the Twilight Dance Series. Last night it’s Lyrics […]


I guarantee you my script is better. From Variety: ROME — The world preem of Brian De Palma’s James Ellroy adaptation “The Black Dahlia” will open the 63rd Venice Film Festival in competition on Aug. 30. Based on the 1947 L.A. murder of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short and focusing on the investigation by two former […]