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2007: More of The Best

So we continue on.One by one we’ve covered my Ten (12) Favorite Tracks of the Year and we totally had fun doing it, right? Those were my very favorites. Those were the ones about which I most wanted to write. But there were others. In fact, at last count there were something like 130 songs […]

The Tenth Dimension

I’m standing on the corner of Fuller and Santa Monica. I’m about to cross the street to Trader Joe’s to pick up something to eat for today. Then it occurs to me as I cross the street that I left my wallet back on my kitchen counter. So I stop and retreat to the curb. […]

Evolution of a Slob

Weirder, but in its own way, still as effective. It’s a clever spoof of yesterday’s post.

Evolution Of Beauty

Nicely done. Few realize just what can be done with Photoshop.

What 200 Calories Look Like

This is 200 calories? I still have a hard time visualizing it. but thanks to this handy chart, I’m better off than I used to be. Just in time for my New Year’s Resolution, too.

McSweeney’s: Jokes For Robots

This is another thing that would have made milk come out my nose had I been drinking it. McSweeney’s lists are always worth a few chuckles. This one is excellent. Jokes Made By Robots For Robots. And as long as we’re at McSweeney’s again, here are a couple more lists for your pleasure: Errors in […]

Cat and Girl

Just clicked on a random installment of the web comic Cat and Girl by Dorothy Gambrell (took me forever to find her name.) This episode made me laugh out loud. I dunno why.

The Hollywood Code

Matthew Inman over at gives voice to what lurks in every movie-goer, especially those of us with computers, as a common gripe. Why can’t Hollywood get the cinema of code right? Here’s the link. I always notice when FX designers take special liberties in designing computers in the movies. Sandra Bullock, for example, uses […]


Bad blog! Speak up! Okay, tonight I’m distracted by This American Life. They’re replaying one of my favorite episodes. “Heretics” is a beautifully produced piece on Carlton Pearson. He’s a pastor in Tulsa Oklahoma. he runs a church called Higher Dimensions. This installment of TAL describes his rise as an articulate, eloquent and intelligent preacher, […]


I’m just gonna continue my recent flow of single-thought posts. File this under, “Check It Out.” A kiwi realizes its dream of flight. Oddly touching.

Dry William

Jane Espenson reminds me in a recent post about illustrator and cartoonist Scott Bateman. he publishes these curious, oddly-captioned panels that, while peculiar, never fail to elicit a chuckle. I visit his site for the first time in a while this morning. Check it out. It’s a “Dry William,” courtesy of comedian Bobby Tisdale. Link […]

Line Rider

Taking a break from the Nightmares today. If you’re bored, check this out. I’ve been obsessed with this flash toy for more than a week now. Hours of time-wastage. A completely addicting art project that someone cooked up and posted over at Play at your own risk. Line Rider Line Rider videos at You […]

Without A Parachute

Bookmark this link on your Blackberry. Okay, now if you’re ever swept out of an explosively decompressing airliner at 35,000 feet, you’ll have plenty of time to research how to survive the fall. … You know it occurs to me now that we’re always talking about “surviving the fall” when we talk about those times […]

The Return of Le Chic?

There are blogs, and rumors of blogs. Stirrings in the wind. The scent of perfume. Could it be? Is Le Chic Chick really back? God, let’s hope so.

iTunes iSbogus

Interesting article over at (whose t-shirt I love and wear regularly) about iTunes and the accounting behind their “artist-friendly” business model. Before I got the Amoeba job I used to use iTunes to get some of my music. I don’t think I’d go back. DRM issues aside, my main gripe is the sound quality […]