black dahlia

Black Dahlia at Sixty

Sixty years ago this morning the body of Elizabeth Short was found. Carve a moment of silence out of your day to remember her. … Okay. Seems there were/are a host of activities around the Los Angeles to commemorate the event this past weekend. The most ambitious of them is The Lost Weekend package, a […]

Dahlia overload

Website traffic is through the roof all of a sudden. It’s the ol’ Black Dahlia again. Do an image search for “Black Dahlia” and you get this. The very first picture on the page is on my own site. Click on that and you’re pulled into my page about the delicate skin. I wrote the […]


I guarantee you my script is better. From Variety: ROME — The world preem of Brian De Palma’s James Ellroy adaptation “The Black Dahlia” will open the 63rd Venice Film Festival in competition on Aug. 30. Based on the 1947 L.A. murder of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short and focusing on the investigation by two former […]

the delicate skin

Seventeen months ago, a pair of cool producers optioned the delicate skin. There was a fair amount of sernedipity involved. I had just posted it over at when one of those producers happened to stumble upon it. Hers was the script’s very first review, and it glowed. This amazed me at the time, because […]

hopkin redux

In case anyone’s been wondering, boingboing has picked up on the Hopkin meme. They provide a link to this story, in which a curious journalist explores the source of the msyterious note. It turns out that the author of the note is a sixteen year old boy with autism who has, alas, forgotten all about […]

wicked west

Mark sends me an email two days ago (Mark Smith, not co-worker Mark) whose subject reads, “Oh Shit!” The body of the note is simply this link. See, this is the problem trying to get working in this business. You can work for years on something, do a good job, turn out a great script, […]

philly phame

So I talk with Nena Eskridge today. She’s one of the two amazing Philly-based producers who optioned the delicate skin (the script that’s kind-of sort-of about the Black Dahlia) back in August. As always, the conversation is long and leisurely. She’s a warm and talkative person, and our meanderings tend to run the gamut from […]

Black Dahlia

Say I’m talking about my script, the delicate skin, to an executive and he’s read it and he knows it’s about Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) and he leans forward and he says, “Brian DePalma’s at work on the adaptation of James Ellroy’s novel, “The Black Dahlia.” Of course I know this is coming, and […]


Just for the record, Kevin Bacon passed on my Black Dahlia-based opus, the delicate skin. I’m very disappointed in him. We won’t be playing Footloose as often at the store, that’s for sure.