Going to the movies, watching them at home, wandering by bus station posters, old, new, in-production… you get the idea.

X-Files: I Wanna Believe

By now most people have seen the trailer for the new X-Files flick. And thanks to a comprehensive poll (some guy at the gym, a friend at work and Sparky, an overweight blue-point Siamese that lives in the neighborhood) I can say with authority that the public anticipation is luke-warm, tempered mostly by the worry […]

For Princess Bride Fans

Give it a moment. Very nicely done.

‘Burn After Reading’ vs. Elbow

Yes, it’s quiet around here. Yes, I know it. And no, I still don’t have internet at home. AT&T have delayed my hookup because they weren’t able to process that I live at an apartment that includes “1/2” in the address. They say Monday. I’ll believe that when I see it. Since I have to […]

Wanted: Russian Red Band Trailer = Wow.

Another bit of video goodness for Friday. I stumbled across this thing at Trailer Addict. Early versions of the trailer did zero for my enthusiasm on this project, but this one, which comes from Russia of all places, does just the opposite. In fact, it seems like a completely different movie. Check it:

Singapore Ghost Video

This is really sweet. It’s The Ring, as directed by Mike Figgis, perhaps. Watch. Then read.

‘The Strangers’ Meets Joanna Newsom

My Mom, a classically trained alto, isn’t certain what would scare her more: being stalked by a trio of sadistic, masked killers or having to listen to Joanna Newsom. I get that. Newsom isn’t everyone’s cup of freak folk tea. While she has her share of frothing acolytes at her heels, to some, she sends […]

‘Golden Compass’ Breaks A Record. Of Sorts.

So interesting. New Line bites it. Warner Brothers eats it up. Nom! Nom! Nom! Using the failure of The Golden Compass as an indicator of the sign o’ the times. But wait! It wins an Oscar (a deserved one, at that,) AND it’s the first movie EVER to break $300 M overseas while failing to […]

Tarsem’s ‘The Fall’ Alighting in May

Tarsem Singh’s first feature since The Cell is set to cruise into theaters at last. The Fall first had its premiere in 2006 at the Toronto Film Festival, but for whatever reason, hasn’t secured US distribution until now. Roadside Attractions is set to do just that this Spring. I wasn’t a huge fan of The […]

Brad Anderson’s ‘Transsiberian’ Trailer Available

Andrew Grant over at Like Anna Karina’s Sweater writes about movies. And he writes about them well, with the sort of inflection that comes from pure cinema passion. A week ago he posted about Transsiberian, which he caught at the European Film Market. Transsiberian is the new work by Brad Anderson. whose early film, the […]

Terminators Rise In New Mexico

McG helms the newest installment of the Terminator franchise. Christian Bale stars as John Connor. Filming begins on what Variety says is “part of a planned three-picture arc” here in New Mexico starting May 5. Full article here. No snarky comment at this time because…well, I rather liked the third one.

Post Oscar Nonsense

The Academy Awards. This was the first Oscar telecast I’d seen in a while. I attribute that to the fact that for the first time in the past four years, I don’t live in the heart of Hollywood. For much of the world, Oscar time means glitz and glamor and movie stars (oh my). For […]

Handicapping the Oscars

You got a last minute Oscar ballot to fill out? Are you minutes away from dashing out the door to attend an Oscar party of the type I used to throw until I just got so tired of the ceremony I just couldn’t take it anymore? Here’s your salvation, Courtesy of Charles Reece over at […]

‘The Ruins’ Arrives April 4

Last year, Scott Smith’s long-awaited follow-up to A Simple Plan arrived in bookstores and proceeded to cleave readers down the middle. What I mean by that, of course, is that some people loved it, some people hated it, although judging from the caliber of some of the negative reviews on it might have been […]

CGI Team Creates Realistic Oscar For Michael Bay

Having just suffered through the embarrassing Transformers, I thought this was especially funny. From The Onion. “‘There is no way this would have been possible five years ago,’ Krajcsik said, later admitting that CGI technology is still decades away from making an Academy Award win for Rush Hour 3 director Brett Ratner look plausible.”

‘Chicago 10’ and Activism Through Art

I generally don’t follow through on press release style emails, but I got one last night that happened to catch my eye, only because it sounds like the sort of event I’d love to attend. I can’t, because it’s happening tonight and I’m not in Los Angeles. And anyway, I’m supposed to fight a duel […]