It’s Quittin’ Time

Big ol’ Sixsquare announcement coming soon. Soon’s I get it all organized and pretty.

Earlimart’s ‘Hymn and Her’ Around the Corner

Just wanted to point out that the new Earlimart album is getting a solid review from Andrew Leahey over at Allmusic, which only serves to whet the edge of my anticipation of Tuesday’s release of Hymn And Her. They’ll be at Spaceland mid-July to kick off support of the album. Guess you know where I’ll […]

Coolest WordPress Plugin Ever

Hey, this is off-topic, I suppose, but I swapped out the static, boring, life-throttling category list in the footer of this blog with a Flash-based revolving Tag Cloud. Scroll down and check it out. It rotates. It swirls. It moves. It’s so shiny. And it underscores the sad fact that I don’t have near enough […]

We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

I was working out at the gym on my lunch hour when I happened to look up and saw that my buddy, Mark Lawson was on the television screen. He had no shirt on. He was giving some sort of pep talk to some kid. Both of them had brilliant green skin and hair. When […]

Ingrid Michaelson at El Rey

Hey, just wanted to say I’m listening to Ingrid Michaelson for the first time right now. Some of it’s very Grey’s Anatomy, and some of it’s pretty terrific. Some of it is actually both. See for yourself. She’s coming to El Rey on June 24th.

Rush in L.A.

Hey, I actually did go see Rush downtown last week. I would have written about it here, but new job, a DJ gig and the nascent apartment hunt made me fall behind over at metblogs. So here’s the link. From Portishead (coachella) to Young MC (wedding) to Rush, it’s been a helluva nine days.

Earlimart at Echoplex

One of my fave live bands will be at the Echoplex on May 17th. Says Aaron Espinoza, “we’ll be previewing a bunch of new material from our upcoming release HYMN and HER we’re pretty damn excited!!! you know…..tryin’ some new stuff out. OH…and get yer tickets early!!!! think they’ve already sold a bunch.” For the […]

Reward: Lost Pig

According to Listening Post at Wired Media, the Coachella concert promoters want the pig back. I suspect Roger Waters doesn’t care a whit about it, but Coachella is offering a $10,000 reward for the safe return of the pig. Let the hunt begin.

LA Metroblogging

Yet another impediment to my frequent posts here is that I’m now blogging over at It actually makes sense. Back when this site was called Hollywoodland I posted about music, movies, writing and Los Angeles. Now that I’ve carved away that last topic I’ll need some place to post pictures of the Sunset & […]

Thomas Newman Posts Restored

As promised on my 404 Page, I’ve restored the mp3’s to my Newman posts. I get a surprising amount of traffic from fans looking for info, including the occasional plea to re-post the tunes that I took down a year ago. Here’s the category. Just three posts. Check back later this week. I’ll post some […]

Gigabytes of Mu-ziq

Yes, this is my lowly first post since arriving in California. All I wanted to say is now that I’ve got my music consolidated onto one single drive, the total comes to 386 GB. Somehow, I thought it would be more than that. (brag, brag)

Goldfrapp added to Coachella Lineup

That’s very cool news. Other late additions: Redd Kross, Aphex Twin, Serj Tankian and Brit songstresses Adele and Kate Nash. Click here for complete info.

‘Golden Compass’ Breaks A Record. Of Sorts.

So interesting. New Line bites it. Warner Brothers eats it up. Nom! Nom! Nom! Using the failure of The Golden Compass as an indicator of the sign o’ the times. But wait! It wins an Oscar (a deserved one, at that,) AND it’s the first movie EVER to break $300 M overseas while failing to […]

St. Vincent Interview @ Pitchfork

Just a quick note to call attention to a typically meandering Pitchfork interview. This time, it’s Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, who talks about her writing technique, how she learned to play guitar and the Led Zeppelin song she’d most like to cover. It’s a decent interview, of course, but the one thing that it […]

Space Invaders Swag

On the heels of the cutting board, comes the doormat. The invasion is still in full swing. I kinda wish I hadn’t taken down my old counterinvasion site.