Bien Educado

    Last Thursday I make the trek up to San Francisco. Rather than go into detail about the whole venture, I’ll offer you the two extremes and let you fill in the rest. The first pic is taken during the trip up. Were this drive competing in the Olympics in the “Most Annoying Thing Ever” event, the judges would hold up a unanimous score of 10.0. It’s the Mary Lou Retton of traffic days.

    But then when we have moments like this, somehow it’s worth it.

    All of the moments in between those two extremes pretty much hover closer to the second, in case you’re wondering.

    Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where these photos were taken.

    Three things I learned while I was in the Bay area: Bien Educado can mean “well mannered.” Aunt Tilly likes giraffes and vanilla but not penguins or chocolate (that’s a weird one.) And apparently, I’m not the Messiah. But despite how that sounds, I’m okay with that.

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