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What’s Next?

Well, I tried. I wanted to see if I could get back into blogging here, but my attention is focused completely somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong. I do want to blog, and I do have stuff to say. But this blog was a product of a Hollywood life; the posts were culled from a […]

I Am an Elephant Seal

I set off from Avila Beach, where’d I’d been hanging out with the parents for a few days, on Sunday, the 18th. Since I had time, I decided to head up the coast instead of the much faster, far less attractive 101. It’s longer, too, but I can’t tell you how long it is in […]

How Do I Eat This?

Never mind. I figured it out. You eat the antlers first. Then the legs. Then the head. Save the eyeballs for the very end.

Lackadaisical Melange in SLO

I’m feeling incredibly lazy today. I was gonna write about the Santa Barbara leg of the trip, which was a whirlwind of people and adoring fans, but that will have to come later. I’m in Avila Beach now, just a stone’s throw from San Luis Obispo. I’m a bit Gumby-headed from a couple glasses of […]

Guns for Kids

I’m not sure whether I find this scary, offensive or just plain sad. In a San Luis Obispo toy store. This is just part of the collection. They’ve got handguns, too.

Eating in Los Angeles

Cat & Fiddle: We crossed two different worlds – some of the Amoeba crew and some of the Technicolor crew gathered for drinks, food and conversation in that dark and glittering courtyard just off of Sunset Boulevard. Most of us ordered food. We traded tales of thievery, insanity, artistry, drudgery and depravity for three hours. […]

On the Road: Miscellaneous Travel Pics

Just wanted to post a few odd pics of the road west while I put together some follow-up posts for later tonight and tomorrow.

Mile 867: Los Angeles

It’s been a rough winter. It’s been a rough year. Events of the past 12 months have left me adrift and isolated and struggling to find a way back to life and love and all that hooey. It hasn’t been easy. But it didn’t take me long after returning to Los Angeles to find what […]


By sheer chance, my arrival in LA happened to coincide with a free show at Spaceland’s April reident, former fellow Amoebite, Jim Evens and his fine outfit, Helen Stellar. Following them were Burgess Tomlinson and Rona Rapadas, also Amoebites, but better known as Healmonster & Tarsier, whose work I’ve always loved. And I love them […]

Mile 730: Barstow, CA

The stretch between Flagstaff and Barstow only had about three hours of Radiolab. There was a nice stretch, early on, where I listened to that new album by the Sigur Ros guy, Jonsi. But my mind began wandering places where it wasn’t allowed, so I switched back to the talking stuff. There were two or […]

Mile 377: Flagstaff, AZ

For the record, the bathrooms at the gas station at Little America hotel are the nicest at any gas station, anywhere. Flagstaff marks the halfway point between Santa Fe and Los Angeles. In Radiolab terms, that’s about six episodes.

Testing via iphone

Just want to test blogging from the iPhone.

Reborn like Jean Grey?

I’m thinking about bringing this thing back to life. I’m not sure yet, but I feel the pull of the old blog. There’s some stuff i want to say and some things I want share… Hmm…

Lemme ‘Splain.

Got this email from Dolly as I was working on the new “I’m outta here” splash page: love your site – just happened upon it randomly this morning thanks for posting music… Simple. Nice. Complimentary. Strangely, it’s the first time I’ve received an email like that. And it came at the most perfectest time. Just […]

It’s Quittin’ Time

Big ol’ Sixsquare announcement coming soon. Soon’s I get it all organized and pretty.