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Alberto Iglesias – Todo Sobre Mi Madre

I’m going through my music folders in a near-frantic attempt to pull together everything I want to have at my disposal for the wedding gig in May. The wedding will require about five hours of music. According to iTunes, I’ve got a hundred and seventy two days’ worth. I’ve simply GOT to whittle it down.

In the process, I find myself short-handing some selections. For instance, one of my fallbacks is this piece, by Alberto Iglesias. It’s from his score for the film, Todo Sobre Mi Madre. Even if I weren’t a devout CW (that means credit-watcher, y’all) this moody, gorgeous bit of music, which rises at the film’s end, would have kept me rooted to my seat.

It might actually be too moody for quiet background music. At a wedding, I mean. With it’s string-drenched swells and that muted trumpet, it’s perfect for a dinner party. But a wedding wants something a little more tinkly, like Monk, or Dave Brubeck. But then, I’m not your typical wedding DJ. And I’m not getting paid for this gig. I’m doing it for friends. So I’ll play what I please.

And just hope I still have friends the next day.

Alberto Iglesias – “Todo Sobre Mi Madre”

on the web: Amazon (the disc is out of print)


  1. Martin
    Posted December 8, 2008 at 10:34 am | [link]

    I love this composer. I just find out this post by been searching an image because itunes will load the wrong one. I think this was a great choice for the wedding.How it all turned out? Do you still have friends? Jeje…

  2. Posted December 8, 2008 at 10:36 am | [link]

    It’s always a perfect choice for cool background music. and not only do I still have friends, I made new ones. :-)

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