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Maria Taylor

It’s late. I just got in from seeing Maria Taylor and Parson Redheads and Norfolk & Western at The Echo. Much to tell about the night, but no energy to tell it at the moment. Maybe I’ll have a few spare minutes tomorrow. An interesting night, to be sure.

Coachella 2006

Last year my friend Llyr says she has two tickets for Saturday at Coachella and do I want to go? I say sure. I’ll check it out. I hadn’t been and I figured, what the heck. It’s a new experience. Even up to the last minute I wasn’t all that excited. Chaos. Heat. Dust. Desert. […]

Laura Veirs at Spaceland

SFX: Ether Sings (mp3) Way back in July, Craig over at Songs: Illinois posts a thing about Laura Veirs. I had heard the name before but never got around to checking out her music. Since then Ms. Veirs has rocketed to the upper stratosphere of my musical planet. So much so, that a couple months […]

Let It Die

Leslie Feist drops by Amoeba to play a few tunes before heading off to The Ford Theater to play with Broken Social Scene. It’s the first time since I’ve been working at Amoeba that I actually stand in the audience at an in-store and snap pictures and bob my head and, you know, stage dive […]

Cell Phones Are The New Lighters

I slip out of work tonight a bit early and make my way up to the Hollywood Bowl with Llyr to catch Dead Can Dance. We sit down, eat sandwiches, open a bottle of wine and chat through Nouvelle Vague’s breathy, undulating performance. There are three people behind us. One comes from Denver, one from […]

Rob Dickinson at Hotel Cafe

I’m going to be missing the Rob Dickinson show at Hotel Cafe tonight. I’ll be stuck working just down the street. But that’s not gonna stop me from posting about it over at LAist.

Maria Taylor | 11:11

Finally, I’ve posted something new at I’ve been so swamped lately that I haven’t been able to scrape even a few words into a decent pile. This time I’m looking forward to Maria Taylor’s appearance at Troubadour.

polly jean

The first time pick up a PJ Harvey disc in the summer of �93. Rid Of Me. I buy it because of the cover, in which PJ swings a soaking wet arc of hair over her head. That, and a good review I read somewhere. And over the years, as every new album comes out, […]