Michael Keefe: The Year In Music

A year ago, music advisor, string-plucker and minstrel extraordinaire, Michael Keefe, advised on his ten favorite albums of 2005. Another year has come and gone and this time he’s got twenty albums in his top ten. Check out the full explanation here. I have my own list, and even though it’s getting rather late, I […]

Michael Keefe Reviews: November

We’ve been at this for two years now. Tuneslinger, man of letters and wielder of the golden pen, Michael Keefe, has been writing the music reviews and I’ve been posting ’em on my site. I think I’ve got the easy end of things. Mr. Keefe has been doing all the work. and here it is, […]

Michael Keefe Reviews: October

Hey, it’s that time of month again. Actually, it’s a little past that time of month. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the latest batch of music reviews from Portland-based music genius, Michael Keefe. This week, he checks out new releases by Beck, Frank Black and my own current fave, The […]

Michael Keefe Reviews: September

Tunsemith, Buffy fan and saver of burning buildings from small children, Michael Keefe has checked in with a new batch of music reviews. He’s still slinging adjectives over at Pop Matters these days, but they can’t take all of his opinions all of the time, otherwise there’d be nothing left for anyone else to do […]

Michael Keefe Reviews: August

I’m a bad blogger lately. It’s already the 18th and I haven’t even mentioned what some of you may have noticed: the latest installment of music reviews by staunch Oregonian, hell-raiser and teller of outrageous tales, Michael Keefe, has been up in the review column to the right for a couple of weeks now. I […]

Michael Keefe Reviews for July

Daredevil, man of letters and hero to harp seals everywhere, Michael Keefe, has checked in with yet another cluster of excellent music reviews. If you’re wondering about the new Thom Yorke album, wonder no longer. If you’re jonesing for a Libertines fix, Dirty Pretty Things is on shelves now. Click here to plan your next […]

Michael Keefe’s June Reviews

Stuntman, purveyor of stolen art and man of letters, Michael Keefe, weighs in on some excellent recent music releases. Included in this batch are reviews of new music by RHCP, The Sounds, As Fast As, Buzzcocks and Hank III (who could beat up Billy Ray Cyrus any day.) Check em out here. Or caress the […]

Michael Keefe: May Reviews

Daredevil, Verbal Skeet Shooter and Defiler of Chocolate (I’m really reaching here) Michael Keefe has weighed in with a collection of exellent reviews for May. Included in this batch are new discs by Gnarls Barkley (natch,) The Zutons, Neil Young and my own personal faves, The Charlatans UK (though I might give them a slightly […]

Michael Keefe’s Music Reviews: March & April

I’m back from Yosemite. My skin is a little browner, my legs a little sore. I’m posting some pics to Flickr as I write this. In the meantime, perhaps you didn’t notice that at last we are caught up on the music reviews offered monthly by wandering minstrel, tune addict and discerning critic, Michael Keefe. […]

Michael Keefe’s February Reviews

What? Already?? Yeah, so I’m a little behind. But Michael Keefe’s latest slice of crackling, critical ruminations through the latest in the music scene is now available for your pleasure. This week he takes a good look at the new Belle & Sebastian album, so check it out. And expect to see the reviews of […]

Michael Keefe’s January Reviews

Uh… a little late. The January blog ovehaul messed up a lot of things. One of the casualties was my scheduled posting of music reviews by wandering minstrel, keeper of the flame and spinner of wild tales, Michael Keefe. But here they are, at last, for your enjoyment and edification. Included in this month’s collection […]

Keefe Matters | Cy the Wonder-Kitten

Hey, any of you who’ve been reading along as Michael Keefe’s been reviewing tunes for this site might be interested in the most recent email I got from him. Michael sez: I have been taken on as a CD reviewer for PopMatters, a daily arts/pop culture review site. It is one of the two CD […]

Michael Keefe’s Top Ten of 2005!!

While I’m still putzing around with my own year-end compilation, Portland bookslinger, sonic sage and jack-of-all-tunes , Michael Keefe, has scoured his vast knowledge of music-heavy 2005 and come up with his list of Top Ten Albums from the past year. Check ’em out. Yeah, I know, I know. You’d think he’d come up with […]

Music Reviews by Michael Keefe

It’s that time of month again. Music guru, tunesmith and keyboard tapper, Michael Keefe, has whipped up a new collection of music reviews for your edification. Among them are some tasty reviews of new albums from ex-Libertine Pete Doherty and Kate Bush, as well as a steel-edged carving up of the new dance thing from […]

Music Reviews – Episode 9

Guitar Wiz, Oregon denizen and supplier of candy to children, Michael Keefe has checked in with another great set of reviews for the month of October. Some of these I already have (Depeche Mode, Boards of Canada) some I want (Vashti Bunyan, Ladytron) and some I didn’t know existed and am now craving (Arctic Monkeys.) […]