current events


Bad blog! Speak up! Okay, tonight I’m distracted by This American Life. They’re replaying one of my favorite episodes. “Heretics” is a beautifully produced piece on Carlton Pearson. He’s a pastor in Tulsa Oklahoma. he runs a church called Higher Dimensions. This installment of TAL describes his rise as an articulate, eloquent and intelligent preacher, […]


Hmm… I’m checking my calendar. What’s today? Oh, of course. It’s Wednesday, the last day of August. What am I scheduled to blog about? I check my itinerary and…yes, of course. I want to blog about certain films by Stephen Sommers, and how, when you hear your neighbors watching them in the afternoon, it sounds […]

telling porkies

This is kind of old news now, but a follow-up to that earlier post about the UC Berkeley professor who delivered the towering threat against the student who stole his laptop reveals that his threats were, in fact, hollow. Check out this story for more info. Heh-heh. “Telling porkies.” I think I like that expression.

breaking news

Hmm. Seems the smoke is white. A new Pope has been elected. Unless, of course, someone just stepped out on the balcony for a smoke and accidentally leaned against the bells…


Bind. Torture. Kill. BTK. This guy’s been dormant for so long that most people had forgotten about him. But thirty years after claiming his first victim, Dennis Rader is behind bars. Turns out he’s a family man. He’d always been organized, meticulous and patient. But most of all he was, as the cliche goes, just […]

intelligent design?

There’s a terrific editorial in today’s New York Times that addresses the recent acceptance by a Pennsylvania school of an alternative to Darwinism. This approach, dubbed Intelligent Design, figures that human beings are far too complex to have simply evolved by chance. They must have been “designed” by someone or something (they’re careful not to […]

r.i.p. hunter

It seems Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide. That sucks.