This is the sort of thing that happens on the Mezzanine at Amoeba: A woman approaches the counter. She asks timidly, “Habla Espanol?” Now, some of us do speak a little Spanish, but often it’s not just a little Spanish that’s needed, but rather a complete grasp of the grammar and vocabulary, as well as […]

The Attack Of The Bird Lady

Paris Hilton got mad at us today. Wait, wait, let me preface this: We have a customer up in the Ameoba mezzanine we refer to as Satan. It’s not that he bears any resemblance to or practices anything in the style of the Dark Lord. I mean he can be a pain, and on some […]


Thomas Newman: Welcome To The Suck (224kps mp3) Thomas Newman: Raining Oil Previous Newman obsessions: Angels In America Men Don’t Leave Speaking of used cd’s, I notice the Buzz section of the most current issue of Los Angeles Magazine contains a mini-grunt about the jobs in LA with the best perks Amoeba is right up […]

SFX: Sia Furler

We all have those bands or artists or singers we love to think of as our own. We discover them early, suffer the blank looks and empty stares when we try to explain who it is we’re listening to and wish others would just wise up and figure it out. And then if the artist […]

Luminous Times

So this is what an Amoeba Holiday party looks like. I’ve finally got thirty-odd pics organized, annoted and punched up using my magic mouse. They’re available for viewing at my new Flickr joint. And yes, it’s another picture-heavy post. I’ll get back to plain ol’ English after today, which wraps up a week spent working […]

Let It Die

Leslie Feist drops by Amoeba to play a few tunes before heading off to The Ford Theater to play with Broken Social Scene. It’s the first time since I’ve been working at Amoeba that I actually stand in the audience at an in-store and snap pictures and bob my head and, you know, stage dive […]

Night of the Dead

I survive the day today at Amoeba. Just barely. For some reason I’m gripped by a ravaging hunger and a muscle consistency like that of under-cooled Jell-o. Wait. I say that like I’ve forgotten that I awoke this morning at nine, that I went to bed just five hours before that, that somewhere between then […]

Zombie Talk

“What’s your favorite way,” I ask Matt at work, “to kill zombies underwater?” Tim answers before Matt can get his mind around the question. “I’d pull him down to the bottom and get his toe stuck in the drain.” It takes us a moment to realize that in his imagination, an underwater zombie battle takes […]


Hey, I’m blogging from work. I’m on a quick break (fifteen minutes) and I already squandered most of it on a tuns fish sandwich. Time’s running out, so I’m under a little stress here to think of something interesting to say. Sure I could write about the terrible situation in Afghanistan. Or the interesting situation […]


I get out of work at 11:15, walk with Jackie and Maryann to the new Amoeba parking quarters on Sunset, take Jackie home and then hop on the 101. I’m headed for Carbon, where Ned Learner (co-Amoebite, Nick Pinto, really) is spinning his usual thread of Hip-Hop and scratch heavy dance vibes tonight. It’s about […]

Dead Can Shop

What does an internationally reknowned artist, singer and musician do the day after selling out the Hollywood Bowl? Why, shop the Amoeba Mezzanine, of course. Brendan Perry (the one in yesterday’s post who looks nothing like my friend Becca) drops by my work and spends a huge amount of time browsing the Criterion DVD section. […]

Moz Auction

Today is the inagural Katrina Benefit Auction at Amoeba, which is where we pull some odd but cool music memorabilia from the sepentine depths of the warehouse and…well, auction them off. The plan is to do this every Saturday until New Orleans looks exactly the way it did before last weekend. And Amoeba’s matching dollar […]


I sit in front of Groundwork and sip the coffee that Anya served up for me in honor of tomorrow’s birthday. I prop the camera on top of the coffee cup and snap a series of photos of the workplace. After taking two or three decent ones, a guy walks past. Sees me hit the […]

Invader Still At Large

More invaders are down. The one at Melrose and the 101 is gone. The one next to the Bouorgeois Pig is gone (another one of my favorites.) But we found a brand new one. This guy is close to home. And the best thing is it’s protected by security cameras.

Amoeba Tip #64

This is something we at Amoeba never understand. And it happens all the time. This is a line of cars trying to get into the underground parking lot. That van will be sitting there, engine idling, for about fifteen to twenty minutes. One car out, one car in. That’s how it works. But just so […]