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Tattered Plastic

I swear I don’t know what my interest in this thing is. If I keep posting about it I’ll have to create a new category. Sunset. And. Vine. I see this everyday as I walk to my car. It’s like watching a flip book unfold in slow motion. The renovation of an icon. Or something. […]

Invader swag

I’m letting go of one of my prized possessions. Yes, it’s time to sell my cute little invader kit. Though I still love the work of the artist, I’m realizing that I don’t need this little bit of pop culture. In fact, I have a more interesting collection of tiles I can use should I […]

What 200 Calories Look Like

This is 200 calories? I still have a hard time visualizing it. but thanks to this handy chart, I’m better off than I used to be. Just in time for my New Year’s Resolution, too.

Final Act: Revenge

As the end of the year approaches, so does Six In 2006, my big plan to complete six screenplays in one year. Here’s a quick recap. January & February: rewrite STRANGE ANGELS. Done. Though, it needs yet another pass. Can’t quite seem to crack that one. It’s difficult and rather large in scope. March & […]

SFX: Electric President

Occasionally I’m scrolling through the music folder on my hard drive and I come across something that I just don’t recognize. It happens this morning as I’m loading up the ol’ Rio Carbon for the drive north to Santa Barbara. “Electric President?” WTF? Who the heck are they? I run a quick check on […]

Condom Torn

I get back from New Mexico on Saturday. Everyone is talking about the windy Friday. Evidence is all around; leaves in piles in the gutter, downed palm fronds everywhere…and the once proud column of white at Sunset & Vine hangs in tatters. Thank goodness the banners (kinda) survived. Again, I just have to know what […]

Fire on Martel

“Hey, I dont know if you like fire, but there’s a big one across the street.” My neighbor has just knocked on my door. I just got home from a long day at work. I had awakened at four AM in Mew Mexico, hopped on a plane to LAX and driven straight to Amoeba where […]

Amoeba in Repose

This is how Amoeba looks on December 18, 2006 at 7:50 PM. By the time you read this I’ll be in the air on my way to New Mexico for a couple days. I’ll fly back in on Saturday early, pick up my car at LAX and then drive straight here, where I’ll work what […]

McSweeney’s: Jokes For Robots

This is another thing that would have made milk come out my nose had I been drinking it. McSweeney’s lists are always worth a few chuckles. This one is excellent. Jokes Made By Robots For Robots. And as long as we’re at McSweeney’s again, here are a couple more lists for your pleasure: Errors in […]

SFX: Rainer Maria

It’s Monday. You know what that means. Time to share with you all my new favorite song. Way back in the mists of early 2006, Rainer Maria released their first new studio thingy in years. It’s called, “Catastrophe Keeps Us Together.” It takes me until now to actually listen to it because, well, sometimes I’m […]

Joy! Noel! Ding! Dong!

Christmas is here. It’s hard to tell, here in Hollywood, except the sparkly illuminated stars stretch down Santa Monica Boulevard from La Brea to Doheny. I love those. They always seem to magically appear one night, like presents under a tree. One day, it’s just plain ol’ Santa Monica Boulevard, the next it’s the Avenue […]

Cat and Girl

Just clicked on a random installment of the web comic Cat and Girl by Dorothy Gambrell (took me forever to find her name.) This episode made me laugh out loud. I dunno why.

Michael Keefe Reviews: November

We’ve been at this for two years now. Tuneslinger, man of letters and wielder of the golden pen, Michael Keefe, has been writing the music reviews and I’ve been posting ’em on my site. I think I’ve got the easy end of things. Mr. Keefe has been doing all the work. and here it is, […]

Dead Letter

I send cd’s to my friends in San Francisco sometimes. I haven’t as much lately, but occasionally a bit of music comes along that they just need to hear, or I’ll throw together one mix or another for fun and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Only once have the cd’s not made it to […]

Inland Empire

“Um…what’s it about?” We’re at LACMA. David Lynch’s new and nearly impenetrable film, Inland Empire, has just finished a three hour onslaught. Many of us are blinking our way back into the conscious world. The man who was next to me–who squirmed and gasped through the entire film–is gone. I don’t know if he left […]